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Hello Royal Family! It Melissa with a new week for our month long theme. This week's member is Minsu. Can you imagine what kind of date you both will have? I can imagine a romantic dinner at home.
Minsu been your boyfriend awhile now. You both have busy schedules, so you don't get to date that often. Minsu called you to ask what time you'll be home. He wants to make you dinner. Since he already has spare keys to your house, you agreed to meet him at home.
You reach your front door and was surprise to rose petals and candles lighting a path to dining room.
Minsu has set up a romantic dinner for the both of you. It was a very delicious meal, and wine was very good. Minsu confessed to have bought the food. You laugh at him and reassured him it was ok. He smiles at you while pulling towards the bathroom
You were so surprise to see your bath room transform in a romantic spa. Minsu set it up so you can relax before going to sleep. He leaves you in the bathroom. He says he needs to clean up first, and will be joining in the bedroom soon. After he leaves, you quickly undress and slide in your bubble filled tub. It was so nice and warm, that you couldn't help starting to relax. You lean back and start drinking the wine Minsu set up for you. You couldn't stop smiling while thinking someone was trying to get you tipsy.
After awhile, you get out of the tub. You were starting to miss Minsu. You put on your robe, and start to look for him in your bedroom. When you get there, another surprise awaits you. On the bed was a tray with another bottle of wine with two glasses. The tray was covered in roses. Next to the tray was presents. You were so in shock at Minsu's romantic gestures, that you didn't noticed him until he gave you a tight back hug. He pulls you close and whispers
Happy Anniversary Baby

Minsu turns you around to give you a sweet kiss. He removes the tray from the bed. He pulls you towards the bed covered in roses peteals. He lays you down gently and caress your face. He smiles down at your shocked expression. You couldn't get over that he remembered their first Anniversary. You reach up and pulled him down to give him a long sweet kiss. Minsu starts kissing your neck. He whispers in your ear
I love you Y/N
I love you too Minsu

Well that's all for Minsu Sunday. I'm sorry to be late. I hope you enjoyed your date with Minsu.

yah! Minnie is too precious!
@VKookie47 Thanks! I'm glad you like it ❀
OMG Mel this was so good, I'm screaming!!!! Freaking Minsu πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ’“πŸ’“
@BabydollBre Minsu is too flirty πŸ˜‰
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@BabydollBre Right! We don't even know that we are flirting. Its like talking normally for us πŸ˜‚