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Usually on Fridays I introduce a fan fic author active on Vingle and since the The House Project that the fan fic team has come up with a lot of you have come out of hidding. I know I owe you guys a couple weeks worth of interviews but I had to handle so business. Now that it's taken care of I will be more fouced on all my pior engaments!
So what's to come?
The House Project is still up and running and a lot of good fan fics have come out of the project! The House of Agape is for Fluff, which brings me to my next revel!
I will be starting a fan fic for Vingle only (I do write on other sites), in hopes of getting more people to join The House of Agape. I will try and have the story up on Wensday!
Be sure to check out the other houses!
The House of Exctessy

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