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Side story: the reason I chose Masamune-kun is we have quite a few similarities; however, one that definitely resonates with us is we were both chubbies at an early age, asked our crushes and got revenge (well at least I did, lost a lot of weight in middle school and for sports lol) and high school came along and we ended up being in first period together and the girl remembered me and asked me out but I rejected her haha. (Sorry if it was tmi. Just had to throw that out there lol. I hope you all enjoy my card. ✌️❤
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what anime?
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Masamune-kuns revenge.
10 months ago
@Bmondragon93 thanks it sounds interesting
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Oh it is! It's definitely a well thought of anime.
10 months ago
Oh yes!! My baby!!!!❤❤
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