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Hello everyone!!

I know that I'm taking a break from Vingle, but I felt that I needed to at least turn in one of my entries for this contest since I had been coming up with a couple of stories.

So here I am, with my entry for the Super Junior/Leeteuk/Monsta X community Valentine FanFic contest. It's 2767 words long (Haha! It's not over the 3000 word limit!! cX) and this story is much shorter than the fanfics that I wrote for the other contest.

I wish I could've posted and written more fanfics with this contest, but I had no time... I'm glad that I at least posted this one ^-^

For more information about the contest: Click Here!!!!

I hope you all enjoy my Valentine themed fanfic (even though it's not Valentine's not anymore cx) And umm yeah, I hope you enjoy it ^-^

(P.S. No, it's not smut themed. I'm sorry if the cover tricked you and got you excited. But it's not smut, so ummm yeah cX Sorry;;)
I stood under a gray tree with gray leaves and branches that rested underneath the gray sky and rested on the gray ground. The whole world was boring and gray, and that’s what I had been use to for my whole life. But how boring everything was. Everything was boring and gray.

I ran my hand down the gray bark of the tree. The moment that the palm of my hand touched the tree, it began to change from gray to black, matching the color of my raven colored skin. I let my hand stay on the tree until the entire tree turned jet black, just like me.

“Valentine~ I have a gift for you~!” I sighed and let myself turn around to face the owner of the voice who called out to me, but I didn’t even try to hide my annoyance and disinterest. A young man ran up to me, his gray skin matching his gray clothes and gray hair, which was identical to the rest of the gray world.

“What is it, Eunhyuk?” I asked, my eyes shining with interest as a small gray box that Eunhyuk was carrying caught my eyes. He grinned at me and shoved the box at me.

“I was thinking about you all morning and I just had to come and see you,” he joyfully replied, as I unwrapped the box and pulled the lid off. “I heard that these were the best sweets in town and I thought they would match your beautiful dark lips when you took a bite from them.”

In the box were different shapes and sizes of gray chocolates. My smile drooped into a frown as I stared at the disappointing chocolates. Eunhyuk continued to flirt and compliment me, but I was already tired of his words. Without responding, I turned around and started to walk away from him, popping one of the sweet chocolates into my mouth.

“Wait, Valentine. I have a question for you,” he called, catching up to me. I didn’t stop, but I kept walking and I continued to ignore him. Yet, he still smirked and said, “How would you like to go to dinner with me?”

I stopped and said, irritatedly, “Eunhyuk, I appreciate the chocolates and everything you do for me...I guess. But no, I will not go to dinner with you and I will never go to dinner with you. I find you incredibly boring and I don’t like boring things. So if you want me to find you interesting then find me something interesting.”

I dropped the rest of the chocolates on the ground in front of his feet, patted Eunhyuk on the head, and then I turned around and headed towards the grand gray castle that towered over the entire town. Splotches of black covered the castle like vines and weeds on the gray bricks that made up the whole castle.
I sat in my black throne, which rested in a huge gray ballroom. The carpet and stairs that led up to my throne were painted black, while the rest of the room was gray. Just like the gray people that cluttered the ballroom as they looked up at me in awe and anticipation. A tall gray man walked up the stairs and nervously bowed to me. I extended my hand out to him and he excitedly placed necklaces with gray beads and gems decorating them onto the palm of my hand.

The necklaces began to turn black and he shrieked excitedly, while the rest of the crowd clapped and cheered. I examined the now black necklaces and I liked how the light glinted off the jewels, but almost immediately lost interest in the jewelry. I sighed and dropped the necklaces into a large pile of other black objects that were stacked beside my throne. The crowd shut up and the man walked down the stairs with his head hanging in shame.

No one else had any more gifts to give to me, so they began to turn around and start to head through the large doors, which began to open up. The audience stopped and gasped. They began to part to the right and left, so that the new guest was able to walk on the black carpet and walk right down the aisle. I sat up in my throne so that I could get a good look at the man who had walked in.

I had never seen anything like him. His skin and hair were a beautiful pearly white that seemed to radiate a sort of light themselves. His clothes matched the rest of him and made him look innocent and pure, as well as mysterious and godlike. A gray man walked behind him, pulling a large cart, with a silky white cloth covering it, behind him.

The white man walked up the stairs and bowed to me then he said, in a curious voice, “I came to this kingdom because I had heard of a girl whose skin was not gray, but the color of the night’s embrace, and who wore beautiful dresses that were the colors of a raven’s wings. I see now that this is true. And so, I come bearing gifts for the Black Queen.”

He strutted up the stairs and I stood up from my throne so that I could examine the white man better, “What is your name, stranger?” I asked, my eyes hungry with interest at the gift that he brought me.

“Leeteuk,” he replied, then, without warning, he wrapped his hands around my neck and cheek and pulled me into a kiss. Shock prevented me from pulling away, but the taste of his lips was sweeter and fresher than any fruit or dessert that I didn’t want to pull away from him, anyway.

He let me go and I could still feel the tingle of our kiss as it felt imprinted onto my lips. He smiled shyly at me and said, “I’m sorry. I probably should’ve asked for you permission first before I did that. But I got a bit too excited. Please forgive me.” I gazed at his lips and saw that they weren’t white anymore, but were marked black. I lightly touched my lips and I knew that they were probably tainted white themselves.

Leeteuk extended his arm out toward the cart and the gray man pulled the cloth back. A gasp escaped my throat and I screamed in joy. Apples were piled on to the cart so that they made a small mountain on the back of the cart. But apples were boring, so it wasn’t the apples that made me smile, it was the color that they were. Red.

I ran down the stairs and grabbed one of the apples. The black of my fingertips seemed to melt onto the apple and took the red color away. The scene was beautiful and the whole crowd cheered. I loved the feeling of the black absorbing the beautiful red color and I felt the corners of my cheek rise in a huge smile. Once the apple turned completely black, I grabbed another red apple and turned that one black too. I hadn’t even noticed when Leeteuk had turned around and left the ballroom.
(Smut!!!!! Just kidding... cX But it's nice to see a shirtless Leeteuk every once in a while, even if this isn't a smut fanfic. Again, so sorry Cx)

I spent the rest of the day turning all the apples red. I eventually was laying on the ground, covered and surrounded by black apples. My audience had all left and I was residing in the ballroom all by myself, except for some of my gray servants that wandered past me occasionally.

Eventually, the apples had all turned black and there was nothing left that was red in the ballroom. I layed there for a bit longer before boredom began to creep up on me once again. I stood up and barked at the servants to put the apples with the rest of my black objects. I then decided to go and visit the white man.

It took me a couple of hours of wandering around and asking the villagers where to find Leeteuk, but eventually, I found him. I found a huge gray mansion that had splotches of white that seemed to decorate the gray bricks like beautiful white leaves that clung to dying trees. A large gray garden surrounded the mansion and I walked in through a white gate.

Gray flowers and trees decorated the garden in a sort of beautiful simplicity. Some of the plants were white and seemed to glow beside the gray plants that inhabited the garden. I found Leeteuk standing in front of a gray tree. He was resting his hand on the tree and it started to turn white. Once it turned completely white, he turned around to look at me and he smiled kindly at me, “So, how did you like my gift? I’m sorry that I couldn’t stay long, but there were too many watching eyes there.”

“They were beautiful,” I said, a bit annoyed at his small talk. “But that’s not why I’m here. I ran out of red things. I want more.”

He stared at me in shock, but then his confusion turned into back into a small smile and he started to walk around his garden, looking around at the different plants. I followed after him and was about to yell at him to show me the red things, but then he pointed at one of the gray trees. Hanging off the gray branches were red cherries. I bounced happily over to them and stared in pure awe at the beautiful cherries.

I touched one of the cherries and it turned into a pure black. I jumped happily and was about to touch the other cherry that was connected to the black one when Leeteuk chuckled and said, “Why do you do that? Why turn the red objects black when their beautiful as they are? Why bother changing them when you like the red so much?”

His words annoyed me and I didn’t like him questioning my actions. I didn’t know what else to do, so I allowed my anger to take me over, “Oh shut up, you have no right to tell me what to do! Just give me more red things and then I’ll leave you. Don’t tell me what I can and can’t do with the red objects.”

He just laughed at my anger and said, “You must learn to appreciate the things you have now or else, once they disappear or leave you behind, you’ll regret not being happy with how they were when you did have them.” He grabbed the red cherry that was connected to the black cherry and I watched as it turned white. I didn’t like how the white seemed to invade the black and take up all the beauty of the black.
I was laying, once again, in my gray/black ballroom surrounded by black objects. Eunhyuk walked through the doors and he was carrying a gray basket that was filled with pretty red and gray objects. I sat up and allowed him to give me the basket. I started to examine and turn the objects black, but it didn’t give me the enjoyment that I use to get from the activity.

I sighed and dropped the basket so that it hit the ground and all the objects that were inside, fell and scattered around the room. Eunhyuk is shocked at her actions and starts to yell at her for being so incredibly picky and that she’s not even worth fighting for at this point. He said some more things, but I didn’t care so I drowned him out. The whole week I had been getting more and more bored at the red objects. There seemed to be something missing from them.

Every time I thought about what I should do or about the red objects, Leeteuk would pop into my mind and I had the urge to go and visit him. It was like I couldn’t go a day without thinking about the white man, but thinking about him made me happy. The feelings confused me and I never allowed myself to go visit him. But today, I was too bored and the idea of visiting him made me excited.

I got to his mansion must faster this time then I did last time. I stepped through the gate and a gasp escaped my throat as I looked around the garden. It was no longer gray. Everything, and I mean everything, in the garden was now a pearly white color that matched Leeteuk’s pure skin. The leaves and barks of the trees were a bright white, and the stems and petals of all the flowers were heavenly.

I walked up to one of the white cherry trees and saw that the fruit that they bore were still white and outloud I said, “Wow, the white makes the red stand out so much. It’s so beautiful. The red doesn’t look as dark and blacked out when it stands beside the black, but with the white it seems to shine and radiate even more brightly beside the white.”

“Really? I find the red even more beautiful when it’s put together with the black since the black makes the red stand out more powerfully and mysterious than it does when it’s complemented with white. But, we all have our own opinions I guess.”

I spun around and saw Leeteuk walking up to me, shining even more brightly in the white garden. I never realized how beautiful he was. He stood beside me and I watched as his hand reached out and plucked the white and black cherries from the tree’s branch. He held onto the white cherry and I lightly grabbed the black cherry, not letting the stem break and separate them.

I gasped as the cherries changed from black and white, and back to the beautiful red that they once were. I glanced up at Leeteuk and he just smiled at me, as if he knew already that that would happen.

I watched his eyes go wide and a gasp escaped his lips. He dropped the cherries and collapsed to his knees, hugging his arms around his chest. I couldn’t breathe as I stared in shock at Leeteuk as red seeped from the wound in his chest. I looked up at Eunhyuk who was holding a bloody red knife. He had been standing behind Leeteuk when he stabbed him. The knife dropped from his hand and he stared up at me in worry, confusion, and fear.

“Va-Valentine, I-I’m sorry, but you wouldn’t ever look at me the way that you looked at him. I had to do something. I couldn’t allow you to fall in love with him when I lo-love you so much! Please, just understand! I did this for you!”

I collapsed to my knees and stared at Eunhyuk in disgust and shock. My guards, who had been escorting me, grabbed Eunhyuk around the arms and dragged him away from me. He screamed and kicked, but I couldn’t understand anything he said. I couldn’t comprehend anything at the moment.

“I don’t want to love you, Leeteuk,” I mumbled, watching the dark red blood continue to seep from his wound, turning his white clothes and skin a similar red color. Without knowing what I was doing, I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him into my lap. “I don’t want to love you,” I repeated.

I let my hand brush through his hair in a soothing way, tears escaped my eyes and I continued to repeat, “I don’t love you. I don’t love you. I don’t love you…” Leeteuk smiled at me as my tears dripped onto his cheeks, weakly, he said, “Don’t cry, my Valentine. You’ll find something else to interest you once I’m gone.”

I shook my head, the tears falling even faster. I didn’t want to. I didn’t want to find anything else that could interest me. I wanted Leeteuk. I wanted him and only him! His red blood now began to flow onto my black clothes and covered my black arms. “I don’t love you. I don’t love you. I don’t love you…”

My dress began to turn even more red as Leeteuk’s white clothes turned red as well. My skin and his skin turned blood red as well. Red. Red. Everything was red. And it was still so beautiful, but so very blinding.

“Please, Leeteuk. Don’t leave me. I lied, I do love you. I want to love you.”
........ o.o......Sorry......!!!! cX

Ahem...So ummm yeah. That's my fanfic entry to the contest. I'm sorry I'm turning it in so late, but I hope that that's alright.

I'll work harder next time..... Oh! And just in case you were all confused, but the main character (the girl, the one you were reading as "I or Me" and such, her name is "Valentine." ....Just in case you didn't know;;

And, I don't mean that she was "black" as in "African American" or what not. And Leeteuk is not actually "white" or "Caucasian" Like, she's actually pitch black and he's like snow white. If you're still confused then check out this video to kind of get an idea on how they basically look like.
(The video is not kpop or Super Junior themed at all, and it's a bit freaky, but this is just for you guys to kind of get a feeling as how my characters look like in the story, ummm so yeah cx)

Anyway, thank you all for reading my story and I hope you all enjoyed it. So umm see you all later since now I won't be on Vingle for a good amount of time.

(Since there are no more fanfictions going on for now, I won't be popping in with more fanfictions either then)

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