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Hello @turntuptae this is my entry for the SF9 Fanfic Contest ... WARNING HAS SOME VIOLENCE READ AT OWN RISK ... this is my first time completing anything I write so let me know how you liked it.
February 13th: As you sit staring out of the bus window listening to your music you can’t help but feel anxious. Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. It will be your three year anniversary with your boyfriend. Every year he goes over the top and tries to outdo what he did the year before. Last Valentine’s he took you to a hidden cave with canoes and then gave you a cd with songs that he wrote and composed himself. His deep singing voice always calmed you when you were feeling anxious. But today it is not helping because you can’t stop thinking of him. “ Hey (Y/N),” a tall boy with pitch black hair calls across the seat, you take off your headphones, “Do you know what tomorrow is?” He asks with a sly smile. “Don’t remind me. I’m already nervous enough.” The boy laughs at your remark. “I wonder what he has planned this year… maybe parachuting or a maze and a dinner. Or maybe he will propose!” “Rowoon! He would not!” You’re bright red with embarrassment and anger. “Hey, it’s possible! I mean you guys have been together for three years and have not had one fight. You’re the perfect couple!” Rowoon defends himself. “Watch it’s going to happen and I’m going to say ‘I told you so’, just you wait and see.” You roll your eyes and ignore him for the rest of the ride. The bus stops and lets you off. Even with riding the bus you have about a 10 minute walk to your apartment. You’re walking down an alleyway getting ready to put your headphones back on when you hear a whine from around the corner. It’s a puppy that is tied up to a pole. Its paw looks like it is hurt. “Poor baby, I wonder who could have done this to you.” You bend down to check if the puppy has a tag on his collar. All of a sudden a bag goes over your head and strong arms go around you. You struggle to break free from the grip. You scream and kick the predator which loosens the grip and you start running away but trip and hit your head. As you try to keep conscious you feel yourself being dragged. You try to scream and fight back but you are out of energy and finally blackout. ********************************************** “I’m telling you something has happened to her!” A worried voice exclaims. “She is never late, for anything. It has been 40 minutes and she is still not home.” The brown haired boy paces back and forth in a kitchen talking into a phone. Another boy walks in. “What’s wrong Youngbin? Who is late?” He asks curiously. “ It’s U/N , she is not back yet and she text me she was on her way. I think something has happened to her. Jaeyoon you know she is never late.” Youngbin’s voice thick with worry. Jaeyoon steps backwards shocked at what he heard. “Sh-she’s late? Maybe she went to Rowoon’s house?” Trying to find an explanation. “No I called him, she is not there and she told him that she is coming straight home because she wasn’t feeling good.” Youngbin shook his head and goes back to talking into the phone. “I will call you back if I find anything out. “ Soon after he hangs up he gets a text from an unknown number: I HAVE YOUR SISTER IF YOU DON’T SEND HER BF TO THIS ADDRESS BY 11 YOU WILL NEVER SEE HER AGAIN: B1, 7, Janghan-Ro, 20-Gil, Dongdaemum-Gu, Seoul, Korea Youngbin stares at his phone in disbelief. Who sent this? Why did they take U/N? What do they want with your boyfriend? He forwards the message to his friend and your boyfriend. Meanwhile: You start to wake up from your daze. Slowly blinking your eyes you look around trying to adjust to the dark room. It looks like an old bathroom with cracked tiles, a leaky sink, and a very dim light in the corner. It was quiet all you could hear was your heavy breathing and the slow drip from the sink. Your hands were tied behind you with zipties as well as your feet. Fully adjusted to the room now you notice a sliding door in the corner where the light was. All of a sudden the door opens and figure walks through. “Oh good you’re awake.” A short guy with a toothy grin walks in. He comes into a clearer view and you recognize who it is, your ex-boyfriend Dawon. You gasp and shrink back towards the wall. “What, no nice to see you again or long time no see? What kind of reunion is this?” He crouches down in front of you and places his hand on your cheek which makes you cringe. “I’ve missed you.” His phone starts ringing, “Hello? - Great- perfect text when they get here.” He hangs up and turns to you “Looks like will be having company soon. It’s time to get ready.” Dawon pulls out a pocket knife and you let out a muffled scream. “shh shh it’s okay I’m not going to hurt you.” He cuts the zipties off of your feet. You kick him and get up to try to run away but with your hands tied you can’t get the door open. Dawon grabs you forcefully, “I said I wasn’t going to hurt you why did you kick me. If you misbehave one more time I am not going to be nice anymore. Now let's go get ready.” He leads you out of the door into a long hallway. You make sure to subtly scope a way out as you walk. He stops at a blue door with the number 9 on it. He cuts the zipties off your hands and pushes you through the door. “There is clothes on the counter, get dressed. I’ll be back in 15 minutes.” He shuts the door and you hear it lock. You reluctantly go over to the counter and see a long red dress, black heels, and a couple of different types of makeup. You really don’t want to do this but you have no choice, you know how Dawon can be if he doesn’t get his way. That’s one of the reasons you broke up with him. You get dressed and put a little makeup on. You hide the eyeliner pencil in the dress and sit and wait. A couple minutes later there is a knock on the door and then it opens to Dawon in a tuxedo with a red trim. “You look just as beautiful as ever. Come on our guests our waiting and I’m sure you can’t wait to see them.” You follow him back into the hallway and get stopped at a red door with an S on it. Dawon opens the door and you see a long dining room table decorated with a long crimson tablecloth, candles, and silver plates and utensils. Above the table was a giant chandelier. Dawon walks up to a black haired boy who is standing at the end of the table. “Chani, will you let our guests in.” Chani nods and walks to the other end of the room and opens the tall wooden doors. You gasp and run to the guests. It’s your brother Youngbin and your boyfriend with their hands tied with zipties. After they walk through another boy with light brown hair walks in. “Youngbin! Hwiyoung! Are you okay did they do this to you?” You ask as you see bruises on their cheeks. ‘’U/N I’m fine. Are you okay? Has he hurt you?” Hwiyoung asks trying to loosen from the restraints, “Dawon if you hurt her I will make sure you never walk again!” “Relax Hwiyoung. I’m not going to hurt U/N I’ve got better plans for her. You on the other hand, I could care less if you get hurt. Now sit down and be a good guest.” Hwiyoung and Youngbin didn’t move from the doorway. “Taeyang please show our guests to their seats.” The light haired boy pushed them into their seats at the table. “U/N, you sit here.” He pats the seat next to him. You slowly make your way over and sit down not taking your eyes off Hwiyoung. Chani brings in wine glasses and a big platter filled with different types of food. Then unties Youngbin and Hwiyoung, who jumps up but Taeyang pulled a knife out and put it near your throat. You scream and fear fills your eyes. “Now If I were you I would sit down.” Dawon says as-matter-of-factly. Hwiyoung glares at Dawon but sits down. “Bon apetite. Go ahead and dig in.” Everyone sits in silences as Dawon starts eating. Taeyang and Chani move to the corner of the room. All of a sudden the silence is filled with a loud bang. Chani and Taeyang run out of the room and you hear gunshots. Everyone jumps up, the shots are getting closer. Dawon grabs your wrist and drags you out the door you came in. Hwiyoung right behind trying to grab you but you’re just out of reach. Youngbin stays behind and pulls out a gun from under the table and starts shooting into the hallway. Dawon throws you into a room with a F on it and turns around to face Hwiyoung. “Just let her go and I won’t hurt you.” Hwiyoung says in a rough voice. “That’s what they all say. You don’t deserve her. She is mine and she always will be!” Dawon yells at Hwiyoung. “Do you think she will ever love you? Why do you think she broke up with you? You are a lunatic. She loves me.” Hwiyoung laughs. Dawon growls and lunges at Hwiyoung. He dodges and punches Dawon in the stomach, which brings him to his knees. Hwiyoung then pulls out a knife and stabs Dawon in the chest just missing his heart. “I missed on purpose so don’t think I have a bad aim, if you ever try to take U/N from me again I will not miss.” He pushes him aside and opens the door. You lunge yourself at him. “Thank you for saving me. I love you.” You cry into his arms. He tightens his grip around you “ I love you to. We have to go now.” He gentley grabs your hand and leads you back the way you came from and you meet up with Youngbin who is breathing heavily. “So I see things worked out in your favor. Good to see ya sis hope you are alright.” Youngbin gives you a quick hug. The three of you run out of the building and jump into a van that is parked around the corner. Two guys are in driver’s and passenger’s seat. They turn around and looks at everybody. “Is that everyone?” The driver asks “Yes Zuho we are good to go.” Youngbin replies. Zuho takes off and heads down the road. “We had taken care of Taeyang and Chani but there were alot more so somebody may come looking for us so I would be on alert for the next few weeks.” The other guy said to Hwiyoung. “Okay Inseong thank you for helping out.” Inseong nodded and the rest of the car ride was quiet. Soon you doze off leaning on Hwiyoung’s shoulder. ********************************************** “U/N we are here. We are home.” someone nudges you. You stretch and slowly open your eyes and Hwiyoung comes into view , you smile. Youngbin, Hwiyoung, and you get out of the van and wave goodbye to Inseong and Zuho. “U/N! I’m so glad you are okay!” Rowoon and Jaeyoon come running out of the house and hug you. You nod and half smile. “Okay guys she has been through a lot you don’t need to bombard her, I’m sure she is tired.” Youngbin shoos them inside. He was right you were tired. You make your way to your bedroom and Hwiyoung follows you. You flop on the bed exhausted. Hwiyoung sits on the bed next to you. “I’m going to stay here until I know you will be completely safe.” He remarked as he wrapped his arms around you. “I would die if anything happened to my princess.” You smile and then laugh. “What are you laughing about” He asks confused. “This whole day started off with me trying to figure out what you were going to do for Valentine’s day. I never thought I would want this more than anything else you could ever do.” You hug him tighter. “All I want is to be with you forever and I don’t want to lose you. Please don’t ever leave.” Hwiyoung smiles and kisses your forehead “ Anything for you princess.” He looks up and sees it is midnight. “Since it’s Valentine’s Day now I will give you your present.” You look up with a questioning look as he starts to get up. He walks over to your dresser and grabs something and turns around. You sit up on your bed. He stands in front of you clears his throat and gets down on one knee and pulls out a ring. “Will you marry me?” A grin spreads across your face. He waits expectantly. “Yes, I Will.” You reply.