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Here is the story: A penguin researcher went for an expedition to the Antarctic with his crew. Something happened there. After he came back he visited a restaurant that served penguin meat. After taking one bite of the penguin steak, the researcher ran out of the restaurant crying.....What happened during the expedition ? Rules: you can ask me questions about the story that require only yes or no answer...... I got the right answer in 1 hour, my friend - 30 min, her brother - 2 days......How long will take for you to solve this riddle???
Good guess, but the right answer is in upper comments:)
Lol I came up with a stupid story.. none of the members of his crew survived, and the penguin steak reminded him of them :P
Well I suck at both puzzles and games...haha
thank you, hahahaha!!!....well, i had to think worst case scenario....plus, its Antarctic, aint much there and plus, penguins lives on the out skirts of it and not on it, technically....besides, if ppl are stranded and ppl are dead...gotta survive somehow??? feed the dead to the survivors and not tell them....b/c without a doubt this will happen and has happened if desperation and survival presents itself....@janekhon nooo im not, im just a dork who sucks at gaming but is pretty good at puzzles, lolz
She's a real expert in riddle solving.....
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