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Okay, so and Kpop gets more and more popular, I have had a bunch of people asking me for recommendations.

I feel like its overwhelming for them if I give them the super long list I have, so I wanted to create a little challenge for you.

1. Pick your bias group

2. Pick ONLY ONE SONG from them to give to someone who has never heard Kpop before.

Do you think they'd like it, or is it something you need to get used to?

Bonus question: What is one song you think is the best, regardless of if they're your bias group or not, to show new peopl
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It honestly 100% depends on that person's musical preference!!! My best friend who like Edm thought Got7 Just Right was "catchy" and made her smile, but shot down almost all my suggestions, until she heard 24k Superfly!! My sister who is ridiculously picky with music in general "tolerates" Jay Park's songs with the most English...but only for so long lol
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Beast/Around US is my bias ... the song(s) I would pick for a newbee to listen to would be Fact and Fiction.
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BTS Save Me
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BTS-Butterfly EXO-Promise One song I think is really good currently is Crush-Beautiful Goblin ost
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Bias is BTS I would say Fire and EXO lotto and got7 if you do
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