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Okay, so and Kpop gets more and more popular, I have had a bunch of people asking me for recommendations.

I feel like its overwhelming for them if I give them the super long list I have, so I wanted to create a little challenge for you.

1. Pick your bias group

2. Pick ONLY ONE SONG from them to give to someone who has never heard Kpop before.

Do you think they'd like it, or is it something you need to get used to?

Bonus question: What is one song you think is the best, regardless of if they're your bias group or not, to show new peopl
vixx-error. I think this song would be good for people who don't understand kpop. it's tamer than a lot of other vixx songs haha and it has a cool concept. A good song to show people could be hero by monsta x
EXO and either Growl or Monster. Everyone seems to love those. And another song would be BTS - DOPE. Whoever doesn't like that song... needs help 😂😂😂😉
It's hard choosing just one song from a bias group, but I would say BAP- Skydive. As for non bias, I would say Jay Park- Me Like Yuh
BTS 'Not Today'. And i think the best song is AKMU's Melted.
Super Junior- Evanescence (I was also debating Mr simple because that is a classic one) because that is my current favorite song from my bias group. Bonus would probably be whatever I'm hooked on atm, sorry but I couldn't think of only one other one lol. Like I was thinking something older like ses or tvxq or early bigbang or early snsd because not a lot of newer kpop fans know of the older classics. But I was also thinking newer stuff to get them into current groups like blackpink or
evanescence is SUCH a good song. I forget about it until it cones up on my playlist then I'm hit with the feels
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