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Hello ELF! This is my entry for Super Junior Valentine's themed FF contest. It's called I should've known, but I didn't. I hope you all like it.
I Should've Known, but I didn't How you ever been in situation that you should've known what's going to happen, but you didn't? This was the situation. I was in a relationship I thought was real. I was in totally in love with my man. He's name was Siwon. We started dated once I moved to Seoul. I'm learning how to become a Batista. Korea has some of the best schools for that. Well I'm getting off track of the story. I've met Heechul and his friend Heechul at a themed cafe. I was starting my training there. Siwon just took my breathe away with his beautiful smile. He literally swept me off my feet. It was quick romance. He would spend all his free time at my apartment. At the time, I didn't think nothing of it. I should've paid more attention. His friend Heechul would come over a lot too. He was always nice to me. So nice, that Siwon would start getting jealous. I would reassure him that he had my love. So he let Heechul come over only when he was there. Then one day, Siwon told me he was planning to enlist in the military. He has to fulfill his mandatory military service duty. It's going to be 2 years or more. He says I don't have to wait for him. But like a dummy, I told him I'll wait for him. His friend Heechul just got back from his service duty. He turned out to be a very good friend to me. We would hang out during my free time. I don't think I wouldn't have made it those two years without him. Heechul invited me to a party out of the blue. He told me look my best, because I was going to be his date. I thought he was joking with me, but agreed to go with to the party. We agreed to meet at the party. He texted me address. It was at a fancy hotel. I took a taxi, because I figured Heechul would give me a ride home. I arrived at the hotel, and held to the room where the party was going to be held at. I walked in and noticed it was some kind of engagement party. That's when I saw it. A giant picture of Siwon with another woman. It was an engagement photo. I was in total shock. I was like what is going on? I thought Siwon was still away doing his service duty? A lot of questions and thoughts started to through my head. I must've been a sight because someone asks me if I was ok? I was shaken out of my shock state. I reassured her I was ok. Then I saw them. The happy couple. Siwon looked so handsome on his black suit. His fiancée was gorgeous. I was starting to feel sick. I turned around so I could leave before he noticed me. That when I saw Heechul. He was standing behind me. He was waiting for me to noticed him. That's when my angry started. Why did he do this to me? I asked him why? He said it was time for me to know the truth. The truth that Siwon was never serious about me as I was with him. I knew that was true but I refused to believe it. I knew that I made our relationship more than it was. I was in love. As long as I was close to him, I was happy. I thought with time, I could make Siwon love me as I love him. I didn't need Heechul to open eyes for me. I asked why does he care about if I knew the truth or not? He said he cares about me That's when Siwon noticed us. He tensed up at first, then relaxed when he’s fiancée noticed his change in mood. They walk towards us. I tried to leave, but Heechul grabbed my arm and pulled me close to him. Siwon greeted us like long time friends, which was strange that he treated me like. He asked if we came together? Heechul told of course because I've been his girlfriend now for awhile. I couldn't believe that he said that, but that wasn't the most unbelievable thing. It was Siwon’s relieved expression after hearing I was dating his friend as soon as he left. That's when it hit me. Siwon truly didn't love me. He thought I was going to start trouble for him. Thanks Heechul, I was saved from embarrassing myself. Heechul was a true friend to me. What made the whole situation worse, it was Valentine's Day. Its so customarily to get engaged on Valentine's. Who does that anymore anyway? I knew I shouldn't had gotten involved with Siwon. I should've known it was too good to be true. But how could've I known the love of my life wasn't real. I should've known but I didn't.
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All the heartbreak today
@ESwee did it give you the feels?
Yes!!! <3
Omo!!! Why you trying to have me cry!!!!
damn! But honestly that seems like Heechul: not pull any punches and be upfront about shit for the greater good.
@FromBlue2U Thanks! I'm glad you like it