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Warning... Smuttt Ahead!!! Dont get caught and enjoy ⬇

Rayven took a large swig from her second drink that night. The tingling sensation of the alcohol was already beginning to spread throughout her whole body as she strolled through the halls of the extravagant club. Her limbs were beginning to feel warm and relaxed, even while her mind was busy processing what was going on around her.

Men and women would come over to strike up conversations with her, and they would casually reach out and touch her back. She couldn’t quite explain why, but there was something comfortable about the way the people in the club responded to her.

Those in the room were casually wading in their sea of lust. They all seemed to have a firm understanding that they needed to wait for the king’s proclamation to begin.

Rayven found the anticipation breathtaking; it was like waiting for a rock star to come out on stage. Her reporter’s curiosity was getting the better of her. She was determined to do whatever it took to meet this king and find out exactly what made him tick. She was not sure whether her interest was for business or pleasure.

"Maybe I can mix them? A little won’t hurt"

She thought to herself as she continued to explore the sumptuous underground lair. She was so lost in her own thoughts and observations that she didn’t even notice when a pair of handsome young men approached her from behind.

“Evening, miss,” one of them said.

Rayven turned around to gaze at the two strangers. She was surprised to see the men were a pair of identical twins with matching golden brown eyes.

“Well, hello, You two must be popular around here.”

They both cracked a smile at the same time.

“You have no idea,” they said in unison.

They moved closer, surrounding her body as one moved to stand behind her and the other looked down into her face.

“You should let us show you why,”

The twin behind her said gently into her ear as he placed his hands on her hips. She glanced behind her appraisingly, but she allowed him the touch. She was both intrigued and overwhelmed by their attentions, and she felt comfort in the fact that she was free to walk away whenever she wished.

“I bet we could have a lot of fun,” she mused softly.
“We would love that,”

The twin in front of her said with a charming smile.

“Maybe if I get some names and a way to tell you apart,” she bargained with them smoothly.

She took the final sip of her margarita and casually handed it to the twin in front of her. He took it gracefully and said,

“I like this one, brother.”

He smiled at the man behind her and moved to place her glass on a countertop nearby.

“Yes,” he said slowly, “she does have fire in her eyes.”

A thrill went down her spine as she realized the men were talking as if they had already conquered their prey. She liked a man that knew what he wanted, but having two was more arousing than she could bear.

The twin behind her kneaded the flesh of her hip with strong hands and she moaned at the impromptu massage.

“When the king allows, my dear. You will be ours,”

He said as he deftly slipped his fingers into the slit that exposed her leg. His arm wrapped around her hips as his fingers trailed against the lace trim of her panties. His hand gently brushed over the fabric guarding her mound.

“I might be too much for you boys to handle,”

She remarked as her knees went weak. She felt her pussy quiver with pleasure as heat flooded her stomach. Her breathing picked up and her pulse began to race.

“We look forward to having our limits tested,”

The twin who had taken her drink replied as he once again took his spot in front of her.

“No woman or man has ever broken us,”

The twin from behind said as he slipped his fingers beneath the fabric and touched her sensitive clit.

Images of being fucked by these men filled her mind and their attentions sent a trickle of moisture sliding down her leg. It was insane how turned on she was.

She was surprised at how receptive her body was in this environment, and she tried to shake off the feeling. She couldn’t afford to be distracted right now.

“Perhaps another time, boys, I’m going to browse my other options. I might have to come find you later.”

The twins smiled at one another confidently and stepped away.

“We look forward to it,”

They said in unison. She smiled at the two of them and walked away with as much grace as she could muster. Her hips swayed with every step and she could feel their eyes on her rear as she walked. It gave her a thrill but she refused to look back at them.

I am Rayven Chase, the best up-and-coming young reporter in Chicago. I cannot let a pair of rich boys get me this flustered!

She glanced over at the bar to see that Chloe was still talking and laughing with the bartender. Instantly, Rayven felt a sense of ease wash over her. As long as Chloe remained out of too much trouble, Rayven felt that she could continue to do her job.

All the music in the club suddenly stopped, and everyone grew very quiet. Rayven felt the energy in the air change before the lights dimmed in the main hall. Everyone turned to look as a spotlight revealed a stage she hadn’t noticed was there before; she found her eyes magnetically drawn to the same spot.

Her instincts told her that it was now time for the king’s arrival. Her eyes glanced around and she saw the others in the room exchange excited looks. The footsteps of a single man echoed throughout the club as the king made his way to the throne.

She stood on her tiptoes to try to look over people, and tried to move around to look between them to get a better view. She could see the man’s broad bare shoulders and the back of his expertly-styled hair. When he finally turned around and sat down in his opulent throne, her jaw dropped open.

She recognized him. Rayven felt her mouth grow very dry as she stared.

The man sat there completely naked, save a golden crown atop his head. His muscles glistened and his strong jawline was set as if he were chiseled from stone. His cock hung between his spread legs casually, flaccid, but Rayven could tell it was a monster when engorged.

She couldn’t understand why, but staring up into his eyes took away all sense of reason. Her body ached with need and she couldn’t stop herself from taking several steps closer to him.

“Lee Seung-hyun"

She said softly to herself in wonder.

“You’re this ‘King of Kink’ guy?”

A small smile tugged at the corner of her lips. Thoughts of the twins were now completely forgotten, overpowered by the sheer presence of the man before her.

“Now I have to mix business with pleasure.”
“Welcome once again, my loyal subjects, to the private Club Lust,”

Seung- hyun said in greeting.

“If you were invited tonight, congratulations. You are the most elite of the elite.”

His lips pulled into a hard smile as his piercing eyes gazed over the crowd. He stood from his throne and felt his balls lift from the wood as he thrust a golden scepter into the air. He proudly displayed his chiseled naked body, enjoying the dozens of eyes that hungrily looked upon his muscular form.

“Tonight, let’s party like the gods we are!”

Everyone in the room cheered. Seung-hyun looked over their adoring faces with deep satisfaction. These Friday nights were always the highlight of his week. He could already feel his stress washing away with the promise of the indulgent revelry that was about to begin.

However, there was something different about the club tonight. He squinted as he scanned through the crowd, feeling the weight of an unusual gaze upon him. When he found her, his eyes widened in surprise. Seung-hyun found himself gripping his scepter tighter as he gazed down at her.


The raven-haired woman looked at him with a defiance in her eyes that was exquisite. Seung-hyun was taken aback for a moment, before he remembered himself and the role he was currently playing.

A devious smile spread across his lips as he looked down at the young reporter thoughtfully. Wicked ideas danced across his mind, and Seung-hyun knew he could not resist the temptation. He began moving toward her, and his balls swayed between his legs as he walked. He moved to the edge of the stage until he was standing directly above Rayven. He felt his cock stir as their eyes became deadlocked in an intense gaze.

“I’m pleased to see a new face amongst us this evening,”

He announced as he stared down at her. His lips pulled into a tight smirk.

“Let’s say we give her a special welcome.”

The others politely clapped their hands and murmured in agreement. Rayven looked slightly nervous and Chloe glanced away from the bartender with concern. A pleased smile appeared on Seung-hyun’s face as he saw the reactions of the crowd.

While he was usually reserved on nights like this, he could not resist the opportunity to toy with Rayven. Besides, if he was honest with himself, it had been a particularly stressful week, and was feeling the need to release his animal side.

“You in the black dress, Come up to the stage. You will do the honors of beginning our night of lust.”

Rayven flinched ever-so-slightly before glaring at him.

“How would you suggest I do that?” she asked cautiously.
“I want you to strip yourself down to nothing, and then bring yourself to sweet release in front of all these people.”

He saw a slight flash of fear pass through her eyes. He wondered if she would protest. After only a moment’s hesitation, she lifted her head proudly and took a bold step toward the stage.

“Whatever the king wants,”

She said as she slowly climbed the stage. There was something hard in her eyes. Even as she obeyed him, she kept a grain of resistance. He admired that, and it stirred his desire to tame her.

As she approached him, she slowly began to slip her dress off her shoulders. The fabric easily slid down over her body to reveal luscious, tanned skin. Her shapely breasts were restrained by a sheer bra, and matching panties revealed a small dark spot of wetness. He felt his cock pulse with hunger as he motioned for her to come closer.

“Start undressing,” he urged her. “Yes, King,” she whispered as she unhooked her bra.

When her ripe, round breasts burst forth from the fabric, he made a sharp intake of breath. Her dark nipples tightened into tiny rosebuds as they became exposed to the slightly chilled air. He fought the urge to grab her and wrap his lips around those tender buds to suck on them greedily. She slowly turned and stepped out of her panties, bending over and exposing her swollen vulva for him to see.

He growled in his throat as she tempted him. It was rare to see a woman behaving so boldly and possessing such elegance at the same time. Slowly, she turned to face him again. Her hands slid down the sides of her body and she stopped to cup her breasts. She tugged at her nipples gently, before sliding her fingers down between her legs.

She turned to display herself fearlessly to the audience as she began to circle her fingers in her wetness, massaging her labia thoroughly.

Seung-hyun was pleasantly surprised by her confidence and boldness. She did not seem shy in the slightest as she proudly touched herself before all his guests. It would take much more than his usual efforts to unsettle her. He felt his cock throbbing so much that it was painful as he watched her little show. He found himself examining her profile carefully as she turned to him.

“Does the king enjoy this?” she asked in a husky voice.

He raised his brow and felt his lips curve into a smile.

“I would like it much more with my cock buried in your mouth,” he said coldly.

Once again, he saw that flicker of apprehension pass through her eyes, and it awakened the animal inside him. He wanted to pounce and tear her apart, but he labored to keep his emotions in check. He watched her keenly as she gazed at his erect member and he felt himself grow even harder as she licked her lips.

“Get down on your knees, I want you to worship my cock.”

He watched her body stiffen for a moment in shock, but she quickly gathered her composure. She moved forward and stooped to her knees before him. It was clear to him that she wasn’t used to being treated this way. Yet, for some reason she obeyed.

It made him curious. Rayven glared up at him as she wrapped her fist around his cock.

“I would have thought that someone as powerful as you wouldn’t need to see a woman on her knees to feel like a man,” she said dryly.

He couldn’t help but chuckle at her jibe.

“On the contrary, my dear,”

He said, reaching out to cup her face.

“I just thought that you’d appreciate the view.”

Her eyes narrowed at his flippant manner. However, her lips did curve up into a sly smirk.

“The view’s not too terrible. I guess I’ll have a taste.”

She opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out to lightly lick at his cock. He groaned in pleasure and felt his back arch slightly at the sensation. He had gone far too long without the touch of another person, and the sensation was far more exquisite because of how he had starved himself.

It also helped that the woman on her knees before him was so strong and fascinating. His fingers brushed through her hair as she began to lower her mouth down onto his cock. Her hand reached to grip at the base and she pumped slowly as she tightened her lips around his shaft.

“Touch your pussy, I want you to come while you suck me off.”

He watched as her other hand slipped between her legs and felt her moan against his member as she touched her own sex. Rayven pulled away slightly to glower at him.

“Such a selfish man, Making me do all the work.”
“It’s good to be king, Now be a good girl and suck.”

Several in the crowed chuckled, but most stood mesmerized by the sight in front of them. Rayven continued to pump his cock with her hand as she sucked greedily on the head. She was startled when the crowd began to cheer and encourage her.

“Suck, suck suck!”

Seung-hyun groaned as she responded by sucking more frantically. His hips bucked against her mouth uncontrollably as he tightened his fingers in her hair. He felt her arm pumping against his leg as she furiously fingered her throbbing pussy.

The crowd stood transfixed by the sight and Seung-hyun could feel their energy ready to burst just as he knew he was about to.

“Take my royal seed into your mouth, swallow every drop of your king’s precious cum.”

She hesitated a moment as if she was mentally debating if this crossed some line of hers. He found her reluctance to be all the more titillating and felt his cock twitch and throb in anticipation of his release. She groaned on his cock as she finger fucked herself faster and bobbed her head up and down his shaft.

Each time she went down, she took more of him into her throat. He felt his balls tighten up and without warning felt his cock convulse as streams of his seed shot from his shaft. With a roar of satisfaction he leaned back as she kept going. She hardly hesitated as her own orgasm swept through her and she trembled around his cock.

For a moment she remained on her knees, breathing heavily on the ground. He felt a rush of pity for her, and he extended his hand to help her stand. She looked up at him in surprise, and took his arm shakily.

“Did that please your majesty?”

She asked once she could rise to her feet. Her hand moved to wipe some of his white juices off her chin, and she licked it off her fingers smartly.

“It does,” he said hoarsely.

He looked out to his subjects and lifted his arms in pronouncement.

“I claim this woman as mine. The rest of you, have fun. You have my blessing to unleash the beast.”

Almost as soon as the words left his mouth, the people in the club started to rip their clothes off in frenzied lust. Seung-hyun was pleased that his show had achieved the desired effect on the club’s patrons. He turned to look at Rayven, as a secretive smile crossed his face.

"And you, Miss Chase, are just the woman I’ve been looking for. If I have my way—and I always do—you’re going to do something very special for me."

So.. are you ready for more jaw dropping xD

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