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5. Lilo and Stitch
Not the most amazing animation wise or critically, but it's easily one of the most fun movies and the writing is amazing. Has one of the most creative plots and easily one of the most recognizable Disney animals in stitch. Lilo is one of the most believable and quirky little girls in any movie I've seen without being annoying and her and Nani's relationship is so cute. I love this movie so much.
4. Zootopia
It's a buddy cop movie with a bunny and a Fox... what about this movie could be bad? Answer: nothing. When I saw the trailer for this movie I was so underwhelmed and really thought nothing of it and it absolutely destroyed my expectations. It's beautifully animated and one of the most creative Disney movies in a while with an amazing message about people and drugs through the use of cute animals. One of the best Disney movies in the recent years(notice how I said one of).
3. Tarzan
A fantastic movie about family and defending what you love. Tarzan, Jane, Turk, Tantor, this movie has one of the most memorable Disney casts of any and with a Phil Collins soundtrack that blows almost every Disney movies music away. This movie is really made by the music in it. Every song plays at the perfect time and every montage is fantastic and emotional. It also has one of the most graphic villain deaths in any Disney movie being one of the animated movies that made me realize that a movie or TV show can be made for children without talking down to them. Absolutely amazing.
2. Moana
Ah there is the recent Disney movie that beats Zootopia. What can I say about this movie except it is one of the most exceptional movies I've ever seen, not just Disney but of all time. This movie is amazing. The animation is breathtaking in my opinion it is the most beautiful any Disney movie has ever been, the water especially which is extremely challenging, the music is fantastic and every song serves a purpose, Moana is easily the strongest female character in any Disney movie ever in my opinion, and the Rock. Do I need to say any more because I can. This movie is just amazing. If you have not seen it yet watch it, now.
1. The Lion King
Of course it's Lion King. The fan favorite of almost any Disney fan. This movie is the most beautiful 2D Disney animated movie and has some of the greatest characters, music, and almost everything is perfection. Scar is the best animated villain to ever exist and his song is the best Disney villain song. This movie is a phenomenal piece of animation that will never fall from history and will always be remembered as a marvel in animation and pop culture history. And to think this movie was supposed to be made by Disney's B team. That made them the A team right away I'm sure.
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Definitely not my top 5. lol
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@JaxomB Yeah but for things like this I dont group them together because they are still separate movie studios. it'd be like putting marvel or star wars on this list because Disney owns them too