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GUYS GUYS OH MY UNICORNS!!!! FSUTSAYEJVNK!!!! I JUST...Ok first things first these are just RUMORS I have heard...NOTHING HAS BEEN CONFIRMED


Ok so for those who wanted to brave it and see the rumors that have been floating around here you go....
And if you guys remember in 2015 there were rumors about a royalty concept...I heard that the album has been in the making for a long time now since this was planned during ot12...now this makes A LOT of sense...I mean all the rumors keep saying how this is their best concept yet...sooo...prepare yourselves guys...theres gonna be a whole lot of crying...
So this was supposedly leaked but then some EXO-Ls are saying this is a fan edit soooo...I guess everything should be taking with a pinch of salt until SM confirms...there is still a long time before their summer comeback...
I've seen it... I've been seeing that list everywhere. So it must be true
What a little snitch! God, EXO is never going to be able to surprise the fans when someone leaks what their up to. I hope that person got fired for letting it leak.... But in the other hand, SM could've set it up to be leaked. They're sneaky like that.
I can't wait!!!
Wow!!! That's a lot to take in..... if these rumors are true, then I'm so hyped to see the concept. If they're false then oh well. Either way, EXO will still have an amazing concept that'll blows us fans away.