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I do not actually hate anime you guys but I bet that the title got your attention, especially because this is a community meant for anime and what not lol. Anyways I guess in a sense I do hate anime sometimes. I just hate how an anime can pull at your heart strings and cause you to feel many different emotions. Then on top of that you have anime with these beautiful endings that just make you want to cry or the endings that make you want to punch yourself in the face. I made this card because of an anime I recently finished, Michiko to Hatchin. The ending scene in my opinion was beautiful and it made me want to cry. I really recommend the anime just because of the ending. Anyways in all reality I will never actually hate anime, I just dislike how it can make me so emotional. Plus trying to explain to my mom why I'm crying is kind of difficult. Can any of you relate?
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I can relate