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Que tal mis bellezas!

I know the weather can be harsh on our skin. My skin type has changed to normal to combination/sensitive/ normal/dry since I've moved. I have been getting annoying break outs. So in doing so I decided to change it up a bit!


At least once a week for sensitive skin.

I use se affordable products and did not have to spend no extra money. I just used the same skincare products just differently and I've seen results! Most products each are under $10.00 where I am from.

Step one: Cleanse

I use a foaming cleanser after using mircellar water to remove eye makeup.

I use this when I need an extra deep down clean. However, I don't use the foam cleanser below and this together. This will dry out my skin.

2. Exfoliation: L'Oreal Pure Clay Mask

This is a mask but I use it as an exfoliant. I just don't allow it to dry as you would if you were using it as a mask.

3. Steam baby steam!

You can run hot water and lean over the sink. Then cover yourself with a towel. The maximum time for steaming is 10 minutes! Don't go over!
Tip: You can use a bowl of hot water. If you want add essential oils like, pepermint, lavender, or rose. You can also step green tea and use that.

4. Mask

I just apply this mask where I need it. You can also use a face sheet mask too.

5. Toner

This works wonders and you can feel it working!

6. Serum

Now this is not under $10. However, if you have extra cash you should try this out!

7. Moisturizer

I love this product. You can apply a little or more for intense moisture. It does have a slight smell.