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Heirators, finally we already have the ep. 3 recap. Enjoy cr: Jooni.com We start at the theater. Eun Sang can’t understand the movie so Tan starts translating. “I had to come to make sure he wasn’t after you too.” “If I am going to trust, I need to know who you are.” Eun Sang asks Tan, “You weren’t sleeping?” Tan continues to talk, but he isn’t translating anymore, really. “He met a girl yesterday. And that girl’s name is Cha Eun Sang.” Eun Sang: “How did you learn my name?” Tan: “But now he has something he wants to know from Cha Eun Sang. Perhaps…” Tan turns to face Eun Sang. “Do I like you?” Tan’s words hang heavy in the air with its significance, and Eun Sang knows this. Afraid, Eun Sang answers, “Probably not.” Tan: “Why?” Eun Sang explains, “You’re engaged.” Tan insists, “Still.” Eun Sang, ever realistic, replies, “It’s like a movie.” Tan keeps pushing. He claims, “It’s Hollywood. Things like that happen.” Eun Sang exclaims, “Really? Hollywood!!” Outside, Eun Sang is excited it’s really Hollywood, but she is also trying to turn the conversation. Tan tries to bring her attention back to the fact he basically confessed he likes her, but Eun Sand doesn’t budge, and Tan takes the hint. He tells her he will take her to Hollywood, but Eun Sang declines. She doesn’t want to be a burden to him: “I’ve already asked too much from you.” She just wants to get her stuff from him, and Tan, disappointed and almost petulant, walks away. (PICTURE 1) Back at Tan’s house, Eun Sang’s suitcase is outside. Tan looks at the suitcase wordlessly. Eun Sang also silently picks up her suitcase, sorry to have upset him but scared to go any further. She asks one more time for Tan to check if her friend has replied yet to her message. Tan doesn’t answer so Eun Sang decides to just thank him and go. Before she can leave, however, Tan just picks up her suitcase and takes it inside. Tan checks his cellphone and yes, Chan Young has answered, worried about her and telling her to contact him immediately since he is in the U.S. too. Eun Sang comes into the house and asks where her suitcase is. Tan asks what happened to her suitcase; he noticed it was cracked. Eun Sang doesn’t answer. Tan tells her that the suitcase is in his room. Before Eun Sang can go get it, Tan hurries up to his room, telling her he is going to take a shower (in his room) and dares her to try to take the suitcase now. Tan just tells her to wait until her friend replies. Heh, we definitely know who is the mature one in this relationship. (PICTURE 2, 3 and 4) Rachel left the photo of their engagement photo in Tan’s room along with a note that tells him that she ate lunch ALONE, but they should eat together together. Tan sighs. Secretary Yoon calls Tan to tell him about the meeting at the almond orchard with Jeguk’s stockholders. The CEO wants him there. But Tan wants to know if the president, his brother Won, know if Tan is going and more importantly, if Won wants him there. Secretary Yoon just tells him his dad wants him there. If he wants to know want Won think, Tan needs to go and ask him directly. After he hangs up, Secretary Yoon gives a sigh of pity. My heart breaks a little here for Tan. Secretary Yoon called from Jeguk High, to which Bo Na has come to even during her vacation to worok on the short films festival. Bo Na calls Secretary Yoon “Father-in-law” and Yoon corrects her. It’s “Ahjusshi.” (Later Bo Na says “Ahjusshi is Won Bin. Ha!) Bo Na complains that CY is not calling her so Yoon says he has raised a bad kid. Bo Na can’t here anything bad about Chan Young from anyone else, except her, and tells his dad to not say such harsh things about her boyfriend. Uh, Bo Na, Chan Young is his SON. Bo Na goes to the school’s broadcast club room. Lee Hyo Shin is there. First year students are there to give food to Hyo Shin, claiming they made it themselves, but Bo Na can recognize it’s all store bought. The girls and Bo Na argue, which Bo Na ends up winning her with “Mega Entertainment” background. her dad being the CEO of “Mega Entertainment.” Lee Hyo Shin tells Bo Na that another member has left the club because his parents find out that he is in this club Bo Na is amazed that Hyo Shin hasn’t been found out yet. Hyo Shin wonders if he is hiding it well or if his parents are hiding it well. ( PICTURE 5) Tan is dressed up to go to the party. ES says she will leave since he won’t be here and she doesn’t want to keep causing him trouble. Tan yells at her to stop saying she will leave and saying she is causing him trouble. Jay is back at the house……….forcing Tan to take Eun Sang with him to the party. As Tan and Eun Sang drive to the party, they remain silent in the car, but Tan can’t keep from looking at her time to time. Tan’s mom, Ki Ae, is at country club with her rich friend. This friend is advising Ki Ae that the best way to get Ji Sook and Kim Nam Yoon to divorce is an extramarital affair. Friend suggest that the Ki Ae hirer a guy to get Ji Sook into trouble. We should note that these two are not speaking in Seoul dialect, but the dialect of another province, which marks these two in broad strokes as less distinguished than what real rich people are supposed to be. Back at the Kim mansion, Ki Ae is making a call to hire for the trap but walks into Eun Sang’s mom. Ki Ae blames Hee Nam for eavesdropping, and the two go back and forth in a manner that shows that Hee Nam is used to Ki Ae’s antics and lack of intelligence. It’s cute. For now. (PICTURE 6) Tan and Eun Sang have arrived at the orchard. Tan says he doesn’t know if he will be kicked out in five minutes or kicked out later. He tells Eun Sang to look around and just be careful of one person- the coldest looking person here. Tan prepares himself to meet his brother, nervous. He walks close to the party but dare not go in…yet. Won sees Tan, and the smile on his face immediately disappears. Tan keep smiling softly at his brother, half expectant, half forced to hid his nervousness. (PICTURE 7 and 8) Tan starts to say “hyung,” but Won immediately calls him away from the party. Tan says “Long time no see” very softly to his brother, but Won just asks if Secretary Yoon told him about this party. Tan asks with a smile on his face how Won has been doing, but Won only cares that Secretary Yoon called him in the end. He adds, “Did you judge this was a place you can come to?” Tan says he couldn’t not come since Won is here. Won calls Tan a child. How could he come here only because Tan wanted to see him. “You don’t even know what your attendance here would mean.” Tan: “It’s been three years since I last saw you.” He smile and tells his brother like a child, “I’ve grown tall.” Won coldly asks, “That’s all you’ve done so far, right? Good. Do just that. Leave. Coming here was already overstepping your bounds. Leave.” (PICTURE 9 and 10)