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A few days had passed since Lee was attacked. She stayed in her room with the door and window locked. Her family would come and see her twice a day. But she still refused to leave her room. When her mother came by at dinner she would eat. But only after her mother left.
People kept wanting to hug her and let her know they felt sorry. But she couldn't stop thinking it was her fault.
She missed work. She missed seeing the customers and smelling coffee all day. She even wanted to see Seokjin to properly thank him. But leaving her room gave her so much anxiety.
Lee couldn't sleep without having nightmares. Her attacker stalked her dreams. Her only escape was being awake and listening to music.
A week had gone by and Lee finally got the courage to go to work for a few hours. Her uncle was filling in for her but he wasn't very good at it. For all she knew, they burned the place down.
Lee put on skinny jeans with combat boots, a long sleeve purple shirt that seemed a bit too big on her. Not eating was taking its toll on her. She put her long brown hair into a messy bun and left her face bare.
Lee emptied her purse and kept only her ID in there with a can of pepper spray. When she locked her apartment her keys went straight onto her pocket so she wouldn't lose them.
The walk to her car was fast. She practically ran and quickly unlocked the door. Once in the driver seat she locked the car and held onto the steering wheel. Its okay. Get a grip.
The drive to work was okay. He was safe in the moving vehicle. She pulled into her usual spot and just stared. The memories started to come to her in a wave that seemed to be suffocating her. She couldn't breath as tears fell from her eyes.
When she head the knock on her window she jumped and held back a scream. Lee looked up to see her uncle standing outside the car. "You okay?" He asked.
Lee nodded, wiped her face and got put of the car. She was trembling so much she grabbed onto her uncles arm for support. He fought the urge to place his hand on hers. "So you'll be happy to know that everything is going just fine." He smiled and tried to keep the conversation light hearted.
They walked into the kitchen and she was greeted by most of the staff. They smiled and got back to work. Lee looked around and saw no burn marks. She smiled with relief and continued on to the front. Customers saw her and began whispering. The regulars who were present just smiled and waved to her. She did the same and broke away from her uncle. She went to the regulars and began to talk.
"No really I'm good. I was scared at first but I took some personal days and feel better." The lie came out better and better the more she said it. After a while she went back to her uncles side. Right before she could ask him to walk her to the car she heard his voice. He was ordering a coffee and stopped mid-order.
"Lee." It was Seokjin.
Lee turned to look and him and smile the same smile she was giving everyone. But he didn't give one back. "Can I speak with you?"
Lee walked pass him and went to a table. Her cashier brought his usual. Once alone he began to speak.
"I have been coming here every day to see you. How are you?" He took a sip of his beverage while staring at her.
She gave the same answer she was giving everyone but she couldn't give a convincing performance. Lee felt bad for lying to him but she wasn't ready to deal with her emotions.
"I understand. You want to put on an act for others, but please understand I was there. I saw the terror in your eyes. I know you can't be okay. But I also understand you may not be ready to talk. So I wish to discuss something with you." He took another sip. "I am a professional body guard and was brought here for a few weeks to protect someone. However, my contract with them will be over tomorrow. I wish to stay a while longer."
Lee looked confused.
"My question for you is, until you feel safe again, would you like having a personal protector?" Lee stared and didn't say a word.
"I have brought this up with your uncle and he thinks it would be a good idea. But the choice is yours."
Lee thought about it. He was a stranger. Strangers were now scary people to her. But e wasn't. Perhaps its because he saved her. She did need someone at her side at times she wasn't in her room. She couldn't keep burdening her family.
Lee held out her hand. "Mr. Kim. I would love for someone to keep me company."

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