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http://my7thlife.com ... He carries you effortlessly in his arms, and into your bedroom. He was dressed immaculately and you were in a white dress covered in what seems like a bed sheet. A certain thought comes to mind. Your face heats up. "Seju-ya…" you mutter as you finger his shirt collar. "Are we on our honeymoon?" you joke. He places you gently onto your bed. He sits down next to you and looks at you as you lay there, drenched from the salt water. “Ya… baboya… My silly girl…” he softly prodded you, with the tone he reserves especially for you. The tone that drives you crazy. The tone that calms your nerves on the most strenuous days. The tone that makes your heart expand and beat against your rib cage, as it hurts in ways you never thought possible. "Why do you drive me crazy with worry?" he continues. You see that his eyes are washed over with relief, different from the worried look he wore when he fished you out of the water earlier. You look at him with guilty eyes, your orbs increasing in size, in hopes that you can get him to understand you. "I wanted to see how deep the water was, but my leg cramped when I got in too deep," you reason with him. "You can’t swim, why do you have such curious thoughts? And you were at the beach, how much deeper do you think it gets?" he asks in disbelief. Seeing that you weren’t responding, he asks again, "Are you okay to go and change out of those wet clothes?" He lifts the skirt of your dress using his thumb and index fingers, just to drive home a point that you were soaked down to your bones. Your hand reaches down so he doesn’t expose you, and you blush as he looks surprised at your reaction. “I’m gonna go change,” you say hurriedly as you get off from the bed. When you finished changing, you see him laying across the dry part of the bed, vest off and shirt untucked and unbuttoned. Your heart skips a beat. You walk towards him and scan his face. He has his eyes closed, with hair swept back, exposing his forehead. Your eyes fell to the bridge of his nose that looks like it was sculpted by a master artisan. And as your sight travels down to the bottom part of his face, his tongue snakes out of his mouth and he unceremoniously licks his lips. He clears his throat and makes you jump out of your skin. With his eyes still shut, he says, “You’re going to burn a hole in me if you keep staring like that.” He reaches out a hand to you and says, “Are you going to join me, or do I have to make you?” He opens his eyes, grabs your wrist and pulls you in onto his chest. Your hand accidentally places itself on his smooth abdomen, and you intend to take it off him, but he stills you and lets your hand stay there. He chuckles at your embarrassment and plants soft kisses on the apple of your pink cheeks. “Jagiya,” he props his arm and faces you, with a mischievous look in his eyes, “Would you like to…” he pauses as his eyes traveled down to the thin fabric that covers your body, “…do some exploring?” He places his lips on yours, and your hands around his neck, and starts what seems to be the beginning of a wonderful night.
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