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Oceanic Whitetip Shark & Biologist

Photographer Brian Skerry
@GarrusVakarian I know, right?! Wouldn't that photo be one to remember...
@YinofYang Hopefully the shark isn't hungry!
@heisenberg Indeed. Will have to say that something about it seems quite scary as well.
such a cool size comparsion
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Bakuchi: Uses, Skin Benefits, Dosage & Side Effects
Bakuchi or Babchi is a powerful skin healing herb.  All parts of the Babchi plant are useful such as roots, stem, leaves, and seeds, but the powder of its seed and the oil are most potent and are renowned to be a highly effective herb for the skin. The seeds of Bakuchi are kidney-shaped, having a bitter taste and a very unpleasant odor. Is babchi/bakuchi grown in india? Babchi oil is a medicinal plant now cultivated in many parts of India because of increasing demand. Earlier it was found in uncultivated areas growing on its own in the monsoon. The seeds are sown in the month of April- May and are harvested at the year-end. All parts of the plants are used to treat various disorders in the human body. It is a folk medicine in India. Babchi Oil Health & Skin Benefits 1. Bakuchi oil for Vitiligo – Bakuchi controls vitiligo spot because it helps in shrinking the white patches, the darker area slowly covers all white skin areas, which leads to visible skin changes due to its Kusthaghna and Rasayana properties. 2. Bakuchi Oil Skin Benefits (disease) – Bakuchi helps to treat various skin problems like itching red papules, itching eruptions, eczema, ringworm, rough and discolored dermatosis, dermatosis with fissures due to its Raktashodaka(Blood Purifier) properties. 3. Indigestion – Bakuchi helps to improve digestion due to its Ushna(hot) potency which promotes digestive fire and digest food quickly. 4. Worm infestation – Bakuchi treats worm infestation due to its Krimighna (anti worms) property. 5. Cough disorders – Bakuchi has the property of balancing Kapha as it has Ushna Virya (hot in Potency) so it can help control asthma, cough, and bronchitis. Babchi oil other benefits · Babchi oil Contains Antioxidant Properties · Babchi Oil Helps to Prevent the Risk of Cancer · Babchi Oil Prevents Respiratory Problems · Babchi Oil Improves Skin Health · Babchi Oil Improves Oral Health · Babchi Oil has Anti-Inflammatory Activity · Babchi Oil Supports Reproductive Health Is Babchi Good For The Skin? Babchi seeds have great medicinal value as per the ancient texts as well as modern science. It helps brighten the skin by visibly reducing pigmentation and plumps the skin by boosting collagen promoting tissues. Babchi powder is used as Lepa or mask, in which its seeds are powdered and mixed with appropriate mixer to make a paste, and applied on affected areas. Difference between Babchi oil & Bakuchiol  Often people confuse between babchi oil and bakuchiol. These are not the two different oils; rather Babchi oil contains a component named bakuchiol in it. Side effects and Precaution While Using Bakuchi The consumption of the Non-purified form of Bakuchi has many side effects such as severe vomiting and nausea. It is recommended not to apply the concentrated Bakuchi oil directly on the skin as it may lead to rashes, significant infections, and allergies. It is observed that the excessive use of Bakuchi leads to skin discolouration. The consumption of Bakuchi is not recommended to pregnant or breastfeeding women. The higher doses of Bakuchi lead to hyperacidity and gastritis
Ait Ben Haddou Kasbah
The ksar, a group of earthen buildings surrounded by high walls, is a traditional pre-Saharan habitat. The houses crowd together within the defensive walls, which are reinforced by corner towers. Ait-Ben-Haddou, in Ouarzazate province, is a striking example of the architecture of southern Morocco. Located in the foothills on the southern slopes of the High Atlas in the Province of Ouarzazate, the site of Ait-Ben-Haddou is the most famous ksar in the Ounila Valley. The Ksar of Aït-Ben-Haddou is a striking example of southern Moroccan architecture. The ksar is a mainly collective grouping of dwellings. Inside the defensive walls which are reinforced by angle towers and pierced with a baffle gate, houses crowd together - some modest, others resembling small urban castles with their high angle towers and upper sections decorated with motifs in clay brick - but there are also buildings and community areas. It is an extraordinary ensemble of buildings offering a complete panorama of pre-Saharan earthen construction techniques. The oldest constructions do not appear to be earlier than the 17th century, although their structure and technique were propagated from a very early period in the valleys of southern Morocco. The site was also one of the many trading posts on the commercial route linking ancient Sudan to Marrakesh by the Dra Valley and the Tizi-n'Telouet Pass. Architecturally, the living quarters form a compact grouping, closed and suspended. The community areas of the ksar include a mosque, a public square, grain threshing areas outside the ramparts, a fortification and a loft at the top of the village, an caravanserai, two cemeteries (Muslim and Jewish) and the Sanctuary of the Saint Sidi Ali or Amer. The Ksar of Ait- Ben-Haddou is a perfect synthesis of earthen architecture of the pre-Saharan regions of Morocco. Criterion (iv): The Ksar of Ait-Ben-Haddou is an eminent example of a ksar in southern Morocco illustrating the main types of earthen constructions that may be observed dating from the 17th century in the valleys of Dra, Todgha, Dadès and Souss. Criterion (v): The Ksar of Ait-Ben-Haddou illustrates the traditional earthen habitat, representing the culture of southern Morocco, which has become vulnerable as a result of irreversible socio-economic and cultural changes Integrity (2009) All the structures comprising the ksar are located within the boundaries of the property and the buffer zone protects its environment. The earthen buildings are very vulnerable due to lack of maintenance and regular repair resulting from the abandonment of the ksar by its inhabitants. The CERKAS (Centre for the conservation and rehabilitation of the architectural heritage of atlas and sub-atlas zones) monitors, with difficulty, respect for the visual integrity of the property. Authenticity (2009) In comparison to other ksour of the region, the Ksar of Ait-Ben-Haddou has preserved its architectural authenticity with regard to configuration and materials. The architectural style is well preserved and the earthen constructions are perfectly adapted to the climatic conditions and are in harmony with the natural and social environment. The large houses in the lower part of the village, with well conserved decorative motifs, are regularly maintained. The construction materials used still remain earth and wood. The inclination to introduce cement has so far been unsuccessful, thanks to the continued monitoring of the «Comité de contrôle des infractions» (Rural Community, Town Planning Division, Urban Agency, CERKAS). Only a few lintels and reinforced concrete escaped its vigilance, but they have been hidden by earthen rendering. Particular attention is also paid to doors and windows giving on to the lanes, to ensure that the wood is not replaced by metal. Protection and management requirements (2009) Protection measures essentially relate to the different laws for the listing of historic monuments and sites, in particular the Law 22-80 concerning Moroccan heritage. The Ksar of Ait-Ben-Haddou currently has a five-year management plan (2007-2012). This management plan is the result of two years of reflection and workshops involving all the persons and institutions concerned with the future of the site, in particular the local populations. The recommendations of this plan are being implemented. Furthermore, two management committees have been established (a local committee and a national one) in which all the parties are represented and cooperate in decision-making. As well as managing the property, CERKAS ensures coordination in the implementation of this management plan. visit our site for more informations...
10 Secrets That Experts Of Dog Photography Don’t Want You To Know
Dog photography is a popular photographic medium nowadays. This might be a picture of your furry friend for your Instagram feed. Or a professional drawing at a dog show. Knowing how to photograph dogs is a great way to practice Photography in general. You don’t need your own dog photo studio to take great pictures. Read all the ten secrets information you need to do Photography. Focus Your Dog Character For Photography Taking Photography of dogs makes a lot of sense if you can focus/capture their behaviour in a photo. It’s fun to enjoy a popular activity, such as taking Photography of dogs in their favourite spots, tapping on the porch, or grabbing a Frisbee. To capture a dog’s character, ask yourself what is unique about your dog and try to capture that character in front of the camera. Use A Lens Fast For Dog Photography. Dogs don’t stay! Wink, you’ll miss their paradox, so it’s essential to use a faster lens and a faster shutter speed. My go-to lens is a 70-200mm f2.8 telephoto lens that is fast enough to freeze motion on that all-important shot, and you can zoom in and out quickly if needed. It also draws well in the background when taking photos. Base lenses are also great – 50mm or 85mm works well. Make sure you open your roller shutter. Of course, opening the shutter will give you faster shutter speeds and fantastic bokeh. But it can also obscure parts of your subject’s face. Use Dog Photography Natural Light. You don’t have to worry about flashes and complicated lighting settings when shooting dogs Photography. The best option is to use natural and constant light; this won’t scare them or make red eyes on your photos. https://www.clippingpathclient.com/dog-photography/ Whether you use ambient or studio lighting, the general rule is to choose bright, diffuse lighting that will help create a more pleasing portrait. If you’re in a slightly darker environment or your puppy doesn’t respond well to bright light, you can always increase the ISO for faster action shots, even in dark weather. High ISO, you can shoot quickly! When taking photos outdoors, sunny weather is ideal for balanced, diffused lighting. A sunny day is more challenging to take pictures than a sunny day, so don’t worry if the weather is sunny. Focus On The Dog’s Photography Eyes Your dog’s eyes should become the focus of your Photography. As humans, we are well connected with eye contact. Please focus on the dog’s eyes and use them to your advantage for dog photos. This, of course, draws the viewer’s attention to the subject. Focus on the eyes first, then reset focus as needed and apply the method again. The moving picture of a dog gets attention. It’s like a picture of a man. You can use your eyes to create depth, an unusual eye colour, or to create a sense of privacy. Use a wider aperture (f / 2.8 or less) to improve this feel! https://www.clippingpathclient.com/car-photography/ Add People To Dog Photography. The best photo of the dog alone or the owner is a classic photo. Use automatic lighting to prevent lightning from disturbing animals. The standard 50mm lens is ideal for this type of image. Shallow DOF (Depth of Field) focuses on the object in the centre of the frame, so keep your eyes focused. Remember to live fast when taking photos like this, as animals can quickly get into trouble if they take photos outdoors. Choose An Excellent Background For Dog Portrait Photography The background of the frame is as important as your content. Get a beautiful background in a different colour from the dog. Tree trunks, wood, gates, benches, bricks, and doors make beautiful backgrounds or frames for photographing dogs.
How Would I Repair a Canon Printer That Isn't Printing Appropriately?
When you try to print something on your printer, it doesn't come out the way you want. You've double-checked that the printer is turned on and everything, but you're still stumped. Is there a button or something you pressed? I'll show you why your Canon printer isn't printing correctly and how to fix it in this article. We've covered the most common causes for your "canon printer not printing correctly" problem in this article. As a result, we've gone over the remedies with troubleshooting procedures to fix these printer issues. The following are the most common causes of your Canon printer failing to print properly: The printer's queue is overflowing with print jobs. Paper jams prevent the printer from printing. Due to malfunctioning drivers or a lack of a wireless connection, the printer is unable to print. The printer's power is fluctuating. The Canon printer and the mobile printing app aren't communicating with each other. You need to reinstall both the printer firmware and the firewall. The drivers for Canon printers aren't updated on a regular basis. The paper in the printer does not match the printer's size. The Canon printer is unable to connect to the Wi-Fi network in a secure manner. Your printer is not visible in the specified range on any shared network. Due to a network jam, too many printers on the same network may be unable to print. Outdated software does not work with Canon printers. The nature of a network key is that it is faulty. The passwords that have been set up are incorrect. Cartridge vents are by their very nature defective. The Canon printer heads are dusty and require maintenance and cleaning. Techniques to Fix a Canon Printer That Isn't Printing Correctly If print jobs become stuck in the queue, they must be cleared by going to the printer settings and then opening the queue. From here, delete any incorrect print jobs that are interfering with your printing experience. Aside from that, you must also avoid the following errors: By opening the printer cover and loosening the cartridge header, you can clear the paper jam error. Remove the jammed paper and reinsert the cartridge before resetting or recalibrating the printer. Check to see whether any of the installed drivers are defective. If your printer driver isn't working properly, you'll need to update, download, and reinstall the correct printer driver. The canon printer not printing correctly frequently fails to print due to a broken power connection, which causes printing problems. The printer and the mobile printing app do not communicate adequately. As a result, you must verify that the software automatically selects your printer, scans the documents, and prints them. canon printer not printing correctly drivers must be updated on a regular basis in order for the printer to function properly. Printer drivers must be updated on a regular basis in order for the printer to function properly. The printer is equipped with a paper rim that has been loaded into it. This paper rim must be loaded swiftly and effectively in order for the printer to pull the paper in when printing. Connecting too many laptops and desktops to the same network at a workspace might cause the network to become jammed, resulting in poor printing. Because your laptop's connection may not be able to identify the printers that are accessible, you may have to manually configure one from the list. This error is caused by a problem with network connectivity. If the printer is not set as the default printer, it will not print. As a result, make sure your Canon printer is set to default and the canon printer not printing correctly. Constant software updates are required for Windows, Mac, and iPad in order to print documents, photographs, and media files smoothly. Another issue that can emerge is when the network key, which is the password, is not properly configured. In this case, the printer will not connect to the system effectively. The printer head needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. Similarly, the cartridge must be cleaned properly, as failing to do so can prohibit you from printing correctly. It is important to note, however, that in order to print correctly with a laser printer, the cartridge and toner must be evenly distributed. A Step-by-Step Guide to Troubleshooting Canon Printer Not Printing Issues To set up and configure the printer to your device, everyone should read the printer handbook attentively and follow the offline and online instructions. To configure and set up the printer, first go to the Canon official website and get the online instructions manual. At all times, make sure the wireless canon printer not printing correctly is connected to the available wifi network. Both the printer's IP address and the system's IP address must be configured in such a way that they match. Always keep in mind that if the canon printer not printing correctly is left unattended for an extended amount of time, the ink will dry out significantly faster. Now, select the printer option to clear the printer queue, allowing the printer to function properly. Open the printer head and clear the paper jam so that the printer can print when you need it. When printing projects or letters that require multiple adjustments, you can always use the draught mode. This will assist you in conserving ink. Servicing the printer on a regular basis can help you keep it in good working order. Always clean the printer head manually to avoid wasting ink, as automatic cleaning consumes too much ink.