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Key's proposal

“Okay, so I’ll see you around 8 p.m. right?” Key asks Y/N.
“Yup, should I bring anything?” Y/N asks. Key thinks for a moment.
“Just you.” He says with a high-pitched voice and started to laugh. Y/N could hear someone trying to distract her boyfriend.
“Alright, I’ll see you later. Love you.” Y/N finished not sure if Key heard her or not and hangs up.
“Hello! Hello Y/N?” Key looks at his phone. “Shit she hung up on me.” he says under his breath.
“Hyung, thanks I didn’t tell Y/N bye.” Key gives Jonghyun a dirty look but all Jonghyun can do is smile because he was proud of himself.
“Oops, sorry about that, I’m just excited we have this night off. Do you have big plans? I know I do.” Jonghyun gives a wink and elbows Key in the side, making Key smile.
“I have plans, and if everything goes well I’ll have big news tomorrow.” Key responds with a smirk and Jonghyun’s eyes light up with anticipation.
The boy group SHINee is very popular and known throughout the world, the boys have been together for almost 10 years and their relationship with each other is very close. They work hard all the time so getting some time off is a pleasure they treasure.
Y/N happens to work for SM entertainment as an event coordinator she and Key met for a fan meeting event and they hit it off. Y/N wanted to stay friends, because Key was an idol and didn’t want to be surrounded by anti-fans. But Key kept persisting on dating. He eventually won her over and they’ve been dating for five years.
Key felt he was ready to take the next step, he was secure in his career and wanted to be married before he went into the military.
He went to his apartment, he was greeted by his dogs CommeDes & Garcons after giving them some attention he started to clean up his place, he fed his kids (dogs), took a shower and made sure he was presentable.
Key is known for his cooking, and he wanted to make this dinner special and he made Y/N’s favorites. He knew Y/N would love it because he made it with his love. Y/N liked the little things, and Key liked that about her because he too treasured the little things.
Y/N once told him that “You can say “I love you” a thousand times a day to the person you love, but if you don’t show them the love then it just becomes words and meaningless.” “Actions speak louder than words.” Key said with a smile as he finished the setting the dinner table waiting for his girlfriend to walk in the front door.
Y/N walks into the corridor announcing her arrival, Key’s dogs CommeDes & Garcons come running towards her and jump and wag their tails in excitement.
“Hello babies, yes yes it’s good to see you too.” Y/N says as she gets down to pet the dogs lovingly. Key heard her talking to the kids and comes around the corner hiding watching as the love of his life is playing with his children. A smile crosses his face and as Y/N starts to get up Key quickly takes off back to the kitchen.
“Hello, Kibum?” Y/N shouts as she slips on her panda slippers. She hears Key’s voice from the kitchen.
“I’m in the kitchen I’ll be out in a minute.” He shouts. Y/N walks over to the couch and places her bag and jacket down. Key takes a deep breath and exhales before making his way into the living room. He sees his angel standing with her back facing him and he slowly creeps up behind her to wrap his arms around her hugging her from behind. He places his chin on her shoulder and whispers in her ear.
“Hey babe.”
A smile crosses Y/N’s face and she turns around and gives Key a proper hug and kiss.
“Come here.” Key said as he grabs Y/N’s hand and pulls her into he dining area. Y/N’s eyes light up with delight at the candle lit dinner for two set up. Key pulls out the chair and motions for Y/N to sit down. After Y/N gets situated in her chair and Key sits across from her they smile at each other.
“How was your day?” Y/N asks.
“It was good we had a radio event so it was full of laughs.” Key said.
“How about yours?” Key asks.
“Mine was fine, I felt like I was babysitting a bunch of kids.” Y/N replies. Key chuckles at her comment.
“Didn’t the new rookie group have a fan meet today?” Key asks. Y/N nods her head in reply.
“Having a fan meeting on Valentine’s Day is crazy! It’s bad enough on any other day but it’s Valentine’s day multiply that by 1000. It’s a complete mad house.”
As Y/N continues to talk about her day Key is busy pouring her favorite wine.
“Thank you.” Y/N replies as she takes her wine glass and takes a sip. Her eyes light up with joy and Y/N lets out a relaxing sigh.
“You know how to treat me right Mr. Kibum.” Y/N says with a wink. As she sets the glass down she notices something shining on the flower vase.
“Um, Kibum, what is this?” As Y/N turns the vase around to show Key the ring. Key smiles and clears his throat.
“Um..well, you see we’ve been dating for five years, and I honestly can’t see myself with anyone else. You understand me, support my dreams and shower me with so much love. You would make me the happiest man on earth if you accepted my proposal. Please Y/N will you marry me?” Key says in one swoop without taking a breath. Waiting for Y/N’s response felt like an eternity.
Y/N smiles at Key and nods her head in response.
“Yes, Yes Kibum I’ll marry you.” Y/N replies and Key lets out the breath he had been holding without realizing it, smiling he bows his head. He quickly takes the ring off the chain around the vase and gets on his knee to place the ring on Y/N’s finger.
Y/N looks at her finger proud and happy with a smile on her face she wraps her arms around Key and hugs him.
“Thank you for a beautiful Valentine’s Day.”

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