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Another year another Valentine’s Day, in the past Jonghyun would work at the radio station and play love songs all night. Jonghyun would imagine lovers together enjoying the music, single woman enjoying his seductive voice. But this year is different, this year he has a date. A few months ago, Key invited him to have dinner and meet his girlfriend, they met up at the radio station and walked about a block to a local restaurant nothing fancy. When they reached the restaurant, and sat down Jonghyun played twenty questions. “So, what’s your girl like? Is she into fashion as much as you?” Jonghyun asks. Key chuckles. “Believe it or not she is the opposite of me.” Key replies. Jonghyun has a surprised look on his face when he hears that. Key with someone who doesn’t share the same interests, something must be up. The waitress comes over to their table to take their order. Jonghyun without hesitation rumbles off his order. “Samgyeopsal, and Suju. Please.” Jonghyun finishes telling the waitress what he wants as he looks up he gives his signature smile. She smiles back and nods before turning to walk away. Jonghyun watches her for a bit. Key can read Jonghyun very well, and knows him better than he knows himself sometimes, he could see the softness in Jonghyun’s eyes as he watched the girl. Key smiles and chuckles softly to himself. “Don’t laugh, I know what you’re thinking and your wrong.” Jonghyun says as he glares down Key. Key waves his hands and shakes his head. “Of course, hyung, whatever you say.” Key says with a wink and Jonghyun just chuckles. It wasn’t long after that Key’s girlfriend shows up, Key introduces her to Jonghyun and he had to make sure she was right for his best friend. After Jonghyun’s interrogation he seemed satisfied with her, for the rest of the evening they got along well. The waitress from earlier comes back with the food and Jonghyun helps her to unload it. “Is there anything else you would like?” she asks. Jonghyun shakes his head no. “We’re good. Thanks.” He replies. Y/N walks away to clean up some tables. Jonghyun tried to focus on his company rather than the waitress, but he would steal glances every occasionally. He was impressed with how hard she worked, and when she would smile or laugh he felt his heart flutter and would smile. Key noticed. “Hey hyung, why don’t you talk to her?” Key asks, Jonghyun looks surprised and shakes his head. After dinner, they stand outside the restaurant saying their goodbyes. “It was nice meeting you, take care of Key and keep him out of trouble.” Jonghyun said with a wink and smile as he pats Key on the back. Key’s girlfriend smiles and agrees. Key and his girlfriend leave and Jonghyun watches them disappear. The waitress comes out of the restaurant caring two bags of trash. Jonghyun watches as she drags them along. “Hey you need some help with that?” Jonghyun asks. he startles the girl, she drops the bags and clutches her chest. “Oh my, you sacred me. I thought I was the only one out here.” She replies. “I’m sorry for scaring you.” Jonghyun said “It’s okay it’s my fault for not paying attention to my surroundings.” She says with a smile. “But as for your question of helping me, yes please I would appreciate it.” Jonghyun smiles at her response and picks up the bags like it was nothing and throwing them into the trash bin. “Thank you very much, sir.” The waitress thanks Jonghyun and smiles. “What’s your name?” Jonghyun asks. “It’s Y/N, and you are?” she asks. “I’m Jonghyun.” He replies, they bow at each other and stand there in an awkward silence until Y/N hears her boss calling for her. “It’s nice to meet you Jonghyun, I need to go.” And Y/N walks off. Jonghyun waves goodbye and watches Y/N enter the restaurant, after that he became a regular and chatted with Y/N daily, eventually they started dating. It’s been a year since they met and it happened on Valentine’s Day. ~~Present Day ~~ “Great job Jonghyun. You can leave now.” Jonghyun’s producer for his radio show said. Jonghyun recorded his Valentine’s Day show today because he had an important appointment to get to. “Good work everyone, have a good night.” Jonghyun says on his way out of the room. On his way, out of the building he receives a text message. “Hey babe, I’m ready for our date.” Y/N said with a smiley face at the end. Just reading the text and Jonghyun was happy. He rarely got time off but he requested this day off in advance. He appreciated that he found a girl who understood him as a person and an idol. She supported him in fulfilling his dreams and was always around when he needed to let off steam. Jonghyun believed her to be his other half. They were meeting at the restaurant she worked at, and going for dinner and a movie. It may have been a normal date but with Jonghyun nothing is ever normal so he made sure to make this night special. Jonghyun walks to the restaurant and looks in the window he’s looking for Y/N. Once he laid his eyes on her, a big smile crosses his face. She’s sitting at a table looking at her phone. Jonghyun walks into the restaurant, Y/N looks up from her phone and smiles happily at Jonghyun. Jonghyun walks over to Y/N. Y/N stands up and hugs Jonghyun it’s been a month since they last got to spend time together. “Let’s go we have an appointment to keep.” Jonghyun says as they break away from their embrace. Y/N grabs her purse and takes Jonghyun’s hand and the leave the restaurant. Jonghyun and Y/N get into her car and Jonghyun types in the address for their destination. Y/N looks at Jonghyun confused. “Where is this?” she asks. “You’ll see once we get there.” Jonghyun said with a wink. Y/N took his word for it and starts driving. It takes them about 30 minutes to get to the destination. “Did you have a good day today?” Y/N asks. “Sure did, it was easy since we recorded tonight’s show so I could spend the night with you.” Jonghyun said with a smile. “How about you?” he asked Y/N. Y/N sighs. “It was busy but Valentine’s Day is always busy. Sometimes I hate it. But this year I’ve looked forward to it. Thanks to you.” Y/N replies with a wink. They reach their destination and Y/N parks the car. “It’s a park?” Y/N asks while looking at Jonghyun. “Yeah, I thought we could have a dinner in the park and then watch a movie.” Jonghyun said. “How?” Y/N asks. Jonghyun just smiles. “Follow me.” Jonghyun said as they get out of the car and Jonghyun walks around to the front waiting for Y/N. Jonghyun grabs Y/N hand and they begin walking. After about a five-minute walk Y/N sees a screen that’s playing videos and a blanket with food in the middle. “Oh wow!” Y/N said in surprise. Jonghyun smiles feeling accomplished. Y/N sits down on the blanket and Jonghyun follows. There was a bottle of wine, cheeses and fruit. Jonghyun pours the wine into the glasses that were sitting on a silver tray before placing it back in the ice bucket. Y/N takes her glass and holds it up to cling it with Jonghyun’s. “Thank you for this beautiful set up Jonghyun.” Y/N says with a smile which makes Jonghyun smile back. “Thank you for accepting me, and staying with me even though it’s hard.” Jonghyun says. They kiss each other with a small peck and take a sip of wine. They cuddle together and get comfy on the blanket and begin to watch the movie that starts to play on the screen.