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It's True Love Tuesday, and I'm excited to announce that this week we are doing crack ships!!! >_<

I've provided a definition in case you are unfamiliar with the concept:
Crack Ship - An unusual relationship of any kind of fandom (i.e. books, television shows, movies, ect.) that is unlikely to happen. In fact a person must be on crack to even support such a relationship.
Draco Malfoy and Frodo Baggins is the best crack ship.

Sadly I personally do not have crack ships quite that weird (at least not any that come to mind in anime...), but I'm excited to see what you all bring to the table! The crazier the better! Just have fun with it!

Rukia x Orihime - Bleach

If you're familiar with Bleach, you're probably aware of the love triangle between Ichigo, Orihime, and Rukia. Even though I know Ichigo ends up with Orihime, I generally fall in the IchiRuki side of that triangle, but, a large part of me feels that RukiHime ultimately dominates! Idk what it is about it; it's just a gut thing...

Honorable Mentions

I couldn't possibly pick just one ship for this theme so I've included a few honorable mentions!

Gray x Ultear - Fairy Tail

I have to give a shoutout to Fraxus (Freed x Laxus) for nearly snatching a spot in this card, but, much as I've come around on Gruvia, I really wish GrayTear could have been a thing! It would have been so perfect!

Soul x Blackβ˜†Star - Soul Eater

Just watch the clip below - 'nuff said! (trust me, it's worth it!)

Nanashima x Shinomiya - Kiss Him, Not Me!

Serinuma shipped her suitors amongst each other a lot, but I think my favorite pairing, besides Mutsumi and herself, was rather underappreciated; in fact, I don't think the fujoshi MC even consisted it! I just started increasingly noticing NanaShi moments, and it really grew on me! They're just so cute!
So share your favorite crack ship with us!
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Mest also known Doranbolt and Wendy from Fairy Tail. I ship these 2 really hard. Everyone says that's gross, it will never happen. Well, I ship it! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’–
I've seen that ship before... I don't support it in that capacity cuz I seen him more as a big brother or father figure to her, but I get it
I know that's how most view them as but I just feel something between them.