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Here's chapter 2. Sorry I posted later than I said but I am having a lot of personal and health issues right now. Hopefully later today I will have ch 3 up. I've had this chapter typed up since last monday. lol.

well enjoy this small chapter
Y/N POV I wake up in a warm embrace. I smile instantly thinking I was in his arms again but then slowly the smile starts to drop when I know these arms are not Jin’s. I then remember my resolve and goals from last night and remember that these arms belong to my best friend and crush Jinwoo, who is always here for me. The smile returns to my face. I reach my hand to my nightstand and grab the markers that I have sitting out. I start to draw on his arms just like I use to as kids. In the middle of my drawing session he stirs. I stop decorating his arms in my artwork. He stretches and yawns. I notice he looks at his arms in confusion but then starts to laugh. I take this time to sit up all the all the way and smirk. “This is great y/n, should I really get these as tattoos?” “Hmm let me take a picture of it and send it to Mino and let’s ask his opinion?” Snapped a photo with Jinwoo’s phone and texted Mino. Gave his phone back to him as I got up and exited my room to make breakfast. Twenty minutes later, there’s a knocking at the door. I smile knowing he took me up on the invite for breakfast. I put their food on the table and see Jinwoo and Mino enter. They sit down to eat. I give each a peck on the cheek take my food to my room and close the door. I turn my music up loudly eat a couple of bites and get to work in ridding all traces of Jin. I gathered photos, gifts, stuffed animals and place them in the box. I gather up Mario games that I didn’t even realized I had. Memories assault me but even though it’s painful I strengthen my resolve and do not shred a single tear. I place the games to the side to give to Jinwoo to return them to him. As I looked around the room my eye caught on to a pink sweater that he once wore. I pick it up and inhale, it still holds a faint lingering scent that belongs to him. My eyes start to water but soon I just think about the arguments that we had and that turned the sadness to anger. I didn’t put the sweater in the box, and I don’t know why but I grabbed a hanger and hung it in the back of the closest. I think there is still some little slither of my heart and soul that hopes that maybe one day we will be together again. I take the games out to Jinwoo and Mino, “Hey will you give these back to Jin.” I say as I sit down with my markers before me. Mino gives me his arm and I start to draw on his skin. I smile contently. I really need to get back to art, this what I love doing the most. As I draw I think back to the times I use to spent hours in my studio just painting, drawing and sculpting. Jin use to get so upset because I would constantly forget our dates or run late, or he said I didn’t pay enough attention to him. I now regret the decision of giving up my studio and denying myself the one thing I loved that always made me happy. At the time though Jin also made me as happy so I gladly gave it up for him. I gave a lot of things up for him that were ingrained into me I realize now. I became lesser of a person for it. I changed for him but not once did he ever budge or give up something that was important to him. I sat Mino’s arm down admiring my artwork. He smiles at me and pushes tears off my face that I didn’t realize I had shed. “Are you ok y/n?” “No but I will be.” I stood up and called my old landlord of my old art studio and he said he had one available. I rented it on the spot. I then looked up some dance studios to take some modern dance and hip hop classes. I called around looking for some different types of cooking classes and vocal coach. I hung with a satisfied smirk and a schedule of what will make me, me again and maybe even better. I call up my other best friend, Shannon, who was originally from the states. “Hello, y/n. It’s been a couple days since we last talk. Are you doing better?” This is what I love about her. Even though I’ve been spaced out and wallowing in my misery she never judges. She honestly cares. “I’m starting to do better Shannon. I was wondering if you wanted to go shopping with me and help me with a makeover. You know I want to become me again. A happy me.” She squeals in delight. “A makeover. I’m totally in. I’ll pick you up in 30 minutes.” I chuckle as I say “See you in 30.” I hear her sigh. “I miss the sound of your chuckle. This is good I can already tell road of healing and the world here come Y/N and you better watch out.” I laugh and we hang up. I turn around and see Jinwoo and Mino there smiling and come up to wrap me in a hug. “Seriously get off of me. I am being smothered here. Don’t make me hit you.” They laugh hysterically before letting me go. I run to my room to change and pick up the clothes I bought while with Jin and tossed them in a bag to take to the clothing donation center. Clothes I would have never worn by myself that I wore while dating with him. I cringe because they are so girly. I don’t mind girly clothes but I’m more of a jeans, t-shirt, shorts and sometimes a skirt with some cute blouses. I really don’t like dressing all girly all the time. She pulled up 30 minutes later and we spent the rest of the day shopping and getting my hair cut. That’s right I cut off my long lustrous locks into a short pixie cut with some purple and blue in my hair. I came home with bags of clothes on my arms and exhausted so much of my energy I collapsed right onto the sofa with a smile on my face, a positive attitude, and a hope for a brighter, happier future me.
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