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I may be a little late to the game but Im obsessed with this mini comeback and just felt like sharing my thoughts about it!!
First off, the spring day mv was super depressing....but was somehow peaceful and calming at the same time. Like you knew they were sad, but that everything would be fine.
After a few MV play throughs I went ahead and listened to the new tracks and instantly thought "Jin is gonna be so mad at the new choreo for Not Today". Then after listening a few more times I thought if they don't pull a gunshot line up (like in Bulletproof pt.2) as their ending move, I'm gonna be a lil upset.
I also realized, after a few plays through, that Outro: Wings is a sort of remix of Introlude: Wings!!!! I just thought it was the same like the I the only one that took a while to notice? haha

Not Today mv: Beautiful.

Then, when watching the two MVs for the millionth time in a row, I noticed when Kook looks back at the others who have fallen and he sees himself...
It coincides with Spring Day when he's running through everyone else's previous scenes but nobody is there and it's dark and grey...
..he seems to be alone a lot in Spring Day tbh...and I saw a lot of people mentioning "Omelas"...?
AHH I don't have time for theories right now!!!

Back to Not Today...when I saw the choreography I was a little let down at first cuz I was imagining some crazy sh** lol. Its Bangtan, how could you not!?
But then I saw Jin's face...he's so happy that it's finally not crazy!
(please disregard meme Hobi lol)
And then I realized that all the boys need a break. It doesn't matter how complicated the dance is, it's a great performance and they execute it beautifully.

These amazing beings work so hard to kill us fangirls and boys all across the globe. I am so appreciative. Bangtan Hwaiting! ♡♡♡♡