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Admittedly I have mixed emotions about this.
Allkpop just did an update on this and caught my attention

Obviously This was a big deal for, what hour?, that it was changed and Big hit got on in so fast, if you go to it now its back to normal. I felt like this is going to give off a bad rep towards twice and their fandom ONCE, But on the other hand people are already pointing fingers at Anti-fans for bts. This is so crazy.

They both came out in the same day and both had amazing view numbers, knock knock reached their highest #'s they had gotten in 24 hrs, and Not Today surpassed #'s as well.

Sorry I had a rant about it, its a little unnessecary to draw attention to, but it shocked me to see someone actually did that.

Okay beings happy now

Well, that sucks! Did they loose any of their previous views? 😨
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@RedChord that was my thoughts. twice will get hate over this
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Wow I really can't believe someone would do this! Shame on them 😨😤
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i had a fight with twice and armies today on allkpop chat since there were do many people and i am a multi-fandom person and they bashed mr out
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no i didnt get bashed lol bc i was doing it from both sides i love BTS and TWICE even if i do love BTS more im a multifandom fan so i can see it from both sides i just want peace between the groups it hurts to know fans are fighting when the idols dont want that to happen its always usually the fans that start something and thats when fan wars happen ik its not always the fans but its whats always the worst fights tbh and im not trying to say it in a bad or good way i am just simply saying no bash please
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I heard that an Indonesian hacker that did it
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really?? has it been confirmed already?? but i havent heard anything yet
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