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Hello darlings! I'm excited to be here sharing with you, so you can imagine a Valentine's Day date with our one and only Choi Minho! I hope you enjoy! As always feel free to let me know if you want to be tagged or untagged in my personal list or the Shawols tag!
It had been just under a year since you'd met SHINee, that fateful day after weeks of interviews with SM Entertainment, you'd been given the job of PD, working with one of the companies more popular groups, SHINee. Meeting them was a whirlwind of expressions and jokes, a few shy smiles and soft gazes as you met eyes with Minho. It only took a month before the two of you were nearly inseperable, and everyone knew that you two were going places. It was obvious that this had become more than just a crush, and a month later, he asked you on your first real date. A quiet evening turned into a ruckus as somehow word got out, and you were chased down by sasaengs until you were hiding in the van, being driven back to the company. The rocky base for your relationship however, only made you stronger as a couple, and as photos emerged, and people began to see you around more often, things improved. You were excited, as the year changed, and you continued both your work and relationship. You'd been moved to work with another group, and they'd debuted the year before to acclaim. You were proud of their hard work, and your own as well, and as January came to a close, you and Minho managed to fit in another dinner date, the two of you sitting down to a meal in your own dining room, smiling at each other over take-out containers. Things weren't always good, but they certainly weren't always bad, and you'd realized that it was worth it, all the effort and worry it took to date an idol was worth it. You were more happy now than you'd been before you met him, and through the ups and downs, things were for the most part, positive. There were always times when things didn't go right, or you got dissed or hate spewed in your face from the light of a website backlit by your computer. Discussing plans for Valentine's Day came up, and a grimace lit upon Minho's face. He was disappointed, but he was going to be out of the country, and wouldn't be able to make it home. Your heart felt tight, and uncomfortable, but you'd grown to understand the busy schedules of idols, and so you nodded. You were upset, but there were so many other things that were worse. February rolled in, snow falling more often than the year prior, and you couldn't help thinking about where you'd been just a year ago. It seemed like so long ago, but the strides you'd managed to make in the industry were finally coming to a head, and you'd been given a promotion, and were now the manager of the group you'd worked so hard with to see their debut. You were sent on a business trip, working with the chinese members of the group to promote their new album in Shanghai, and as you exited the elevator, waving to the boys at the end of a night of appearances, that it was actually Valentine's day. The guys had been doing love themed promotions all week, and you hadn't thought about it until just now. You pulled out your phone, dialling Minho. It rang and rang, but he didn't answer. You looked at your phone and sighed, knowing he was probably still working. Enterring your room, you were confused to find rose petals scattered on the floor, a smile tugging at your lips, you followed the trail of red petals into the kitchen of the hotel room, picking up the envelope there. All that was inside, was a photo, just minho, but it was a location you'd seen recently. You turned, and headed back out the door of your hotel room, and hopped on the elevator, photo still clutched in your hand as you hurried. As you approached the park you'd passed, taking a step into it, little lights blinked on, filling the trees around the pathway you traversed, moving deeper into the area, your breath caught in your throat, seeing Minho. You could feel tears filling your eyes, and you stepped into the small clearing, steps moving more quickly as you nearly ran to him. His arms wrapped around you and you stood, holding each other close for what seemed like hours. His lips found your forehead, gently pressing a kiss there as he smiled down at you. "Happy Valentine's Day." You returned the sentiment, mind racing, trying, silently, to figure out how he was here. He'd said that he had to be out of the country, and since the two of you stood in a park in the middle of Shanghai, you supposed, you should have asked him where he had to go. You simply hummed softly and leaned your head against his shoulder. "This really is perfect... How did you manage it?" He laughed at your question and turned you, walking you to the table behind the two of you, smiling. "Lots of help from people who should make more money than they do." He pulled your seat out for you, assisting you as you sat down, and took a seat beside you, instead of across from you. It was then that you noticed the take-out containers, and laughed out loud. He couldn't help the blush that slipped into his cheeks as he smiled sheepishly. "There was only so much time." You leaned gently against him as you smiled, not really upset by the food choice, the two of you quietly enjoyed each other's company and the food. As you sat, food finished, He wrapped his arm around your shoulders, pulling you close, and gently kissing your temple. "I know it wasn't a perfect Valentine's Day... but getting to spend it with you is what really made it special." His hand rested gently against your cheek, as he lifted your chin, lips dancing over yours, the lights from the high buildings around you, nearly like stars twinkling in the sky above. He may have been our Minho, but more than that, he was yours.
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