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Here is a Day with Taemin Oneshot from the SHINee Mod Team ^^

It was finally time. You'd been planning a surprise for your boyfriend for a while now and it was going to be finished tonight! It had taken a lot of planning and he was definitely catching on that you were up to something.
~“Ya Answer the phone! Oppa is calling! Hurry up!”~
Your custom ring tone started and you cant help but laugh every time it plays. You remember when he took your phone to make it. Symptoms by SHINee is your normal tone but he said he should be special so he made it. That was before you were even dating. Its sort of a reminder of how far you have come together.

You answer the phone, a video call. He is all messy haired and sleepy faced. “Did you sleep well?” You asked knowing he was fitting in a nap between schedules. Taemin rubs his face a few times then gives you a dazzling smile. “Yupp, it was a good nap but it would have been better if you were here.” He says cutely. “Well as fun as that sounds, I think your mom would be a bit upset at me staying over.” You say with a laugh. “Plus I'll see you at the studio in an hour.” you added on. That was how you met actually. You were a back up dancer on the SWIV tour. It was the best thing to ever happen to you. Dancing is your passion so it makes since that you and Taemin had a connection so fast. He gave you a pouty face, “But I miss you now.” using his best whiny voice. You just laugh, once he gets comfortable he is fine telling you his every want or need. “Well if you miss me then you'll have to get there early I suppose.” you countered and blew a kiss at him. “I'll see you soon babe.” You responded and hung up the phone. If you didn't he would keep talking and begging you to come there.

Looking around, it was a good thing you picked the same paint in this room as your bedroom at home. Grabbing your bag you tuned out the light and headed to the subway. The ride to the studio from here wasn't to far which was part of the reason you picked it.

You heard your stop over the intercom and go off, walking about 10 minutes to the studio. You had a hoodie on as usual when you went in to the dance rehearsals. You always dressed for comfort when you could as most of the time you had to dress up for shows or dress for movement or a certain style of dance. Being comfortable for a dancer was surprisingly hard to come by and Taemin always made fun of you for taking his hoodies but you wouldn't stop. You felt so safe and snuggled in his hoodie and it smelled like him so that was a bonus.
Since you were quite early, it was easy to go in and get changed and set up. You were working on a duet with Taemin for a showcase of his next solo album. It was honestly so exciting career wise with Taemin's skill level. You had to work hard to keep up with him but it was worth it completely. The dance involved some black fabric so you had it all out and ready for him.

Since you were waiting you decided to start warming up. You started Sherlock and just when with the music, doing your own moves and following the music. You finished breathing hard with all the movement and you hear a chuckle in the now silent room. Turning you see the man himself leaning in the door way smiling so bright at you. “I think you made a vast improvement to that dance. I’m going to have to show the guys.” He started moving into the studio. “but I’m not sure they will look as good as you did just now.” You blush at the open compliment. He moves in and pulls you into his arms placing a kiss on your forehead. “I just love watching you dance. Its like a leaf floating on water, just dancing in the wind with out a care. “ You smile up at him and place a small kiss on his lips. He was just the sweetest person sometimes. “Now lets get to work” he says letting you go and picking up the fabric.

He puts on the new song and moves into place. His face changed to that concentrated look you loved to watch. He was always in his element in a dance studio, he could never look more at place any where else. You moved into place as well. Listening to his direction as you both moved and flowed through the dance. It was hard and left you both out of breath. The movement were fast and you had to be right on the timing as he caught you with the cloth in a few of the moves. It was hard and taxing and you always left sore but you would never trade this for anything.

You practiced over and over again for the next few hours till you had it perfect. The show case was a week away and it was a big deal for him. His time was so filled you barely got to see each other right now. That's part of why you planned what you did. You both went to the looker rooms, showered and changed.
Coming out to meet him, you decided tonight was the night. You were going to finally show him what you'd been doing. “So do you thing I could borrow you for an hour longer?” You asked hopeful. He thought for a second and then pulled his phone out. You assumed he was checking with his manger. “I have exactly an hour or he threatened to give me extensions again if I'm late to my hair appointment.” That caused you to laugh so hard that you let out a snort. You knew he hated having long hair paired with his soft features. It was to much of an issue trying to show he was a man when he was in public.
Once you stopped laughing you pulled his hood up and slipped his glasses on for him. He added a mask and you did the same. “Lets go then, I'll lead the way!” You hurried him out of the building back to the subway. It was the same ten minute ride back and he was asking you questions the whole way with you saying to just wait. Taemin was not a patient man. Finally you go off and pulled him down the road into an near by building. He was definitely confused now. “Who are we meeting?” He asked looking around at the apartments. You take him to the top floor and get off. Opening the door with the pass key. He was just following at this point trying to figure out what you had dragged him into.
The door opened into a small room for shoes and other things. You put on a pair of slippers and walked in letting him go. He was slow to follow but did. “Who place is this?” He asked. You let out a deep breath, and answered. “Mine actually.” His mouth dropped open so fast. “And well... if you want, it can be yours too?” You added on and his mouth closed as he considered what you just said. “I was thinking it would be nice to be close to the studio and we only get to see each other late anyway. I even had a dance room put in, and two guest rooms for the guys if you need. I just well I want to make a home you can be comfortable in... even if it is just to visit.” You added on, in case he thought you living together was a crazy wild idea cause you really didn't know how he would take it.
He was quiet, and just went and looked around the house, looking into each room. He stopped at the last room and opened the door. It was the dance room. Set up just like a studio with mirrors and all. Finally he turned to you. “I love it... and I love you.”

He grabbed you and pulled you into a deep kiss, getting rid of all the doubt you had about the house. “I'm so glad you like it.” He said once he broke the kiss. He took you to the living room and dropped on the couch pulling you with him. “The pass key is our anniversary so you can't forget.” You said with a laugh.

You were both so comfortable that you dozed off and didn't wake up till the manger was calling and yelling. It was a perfect 1st day in your new home.

So I hope you enjoyed your date with Taemin!!!!

Happy Valentines Day!

Thank You for Loving and Supporting SHINee!
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