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The Gold Box (Chapter 1) 18+

Yoongi looks at the clock waiting for the time to go by faster. He is anxious as he gets ready for tonight's schedule. He sees Raejin walk into the room putting her hair up in a bun, his eyes trail down from her tiny hands to her exposed neck as she walks around trying to fix her hair looking for something. Yoongi clears his throat. 
"Did you call Simon about the schedule?" 
Raejin turns around and looks at him "Yeah I did, we will meet them at the underground center located at Itaewon." She says as she smiles her dimples showing, she picks up what she was looking for, her phone charger.
Yoongi doesn't believe he is going to have this argument with her once again.
"I told you before and I'm telling you for the last time. You are not coming. It's not safe. If you lose your life it's the end of mine as well." He says trying to stay calm. Those last words are hard for him to say. He is not good at expressing feeling but sometimes he can't control his emotions and says it. Like now.
She looks at him raising her eyebrow. She can't believe he is still being stubborn about it. She has been dealing with them longer than him but he still tries to make her not get involved thinking she is weak.
"Yoongi...why are we talking about this again? I think I made it clear before that I will go with you. I am not letting you go alone. Not after you almost got yourself killed last time."
"Whether you want it or not. It doesn't matter. You.are.NOT. going." he says as he walks in his room. Raejin sits on the couch in the living room, putting her head in her hands. She knows he won't let her go with him but she can go separately on her motorbike after he leaves. For now she decides to stay quite.
Yoongi sits in the dark room as he waits for the time to go by. He calls his partner Namjoon.
"Hey yeah its me, your picked it up right?"
Namjoon: "Yeah I did. Suzy made sure it was secured with her. Let me ask her again.
His voice gets a little distant as he calls out for his girlfriend.
"Babe you put it away safely right?"
"Yeah I did, Rich is making sure the security lock works on it." She says as she walks towards him. She whispers in his ear and he smiles and nods.
"Yeah she says it is safe. Don't worry. Is Rae coming? Suzy wants to see her." He says as he grabs and plays with Suzy's hands wrapped around his waist giving him a back hug.
Yoongi: "Yeah I heard her. See you there..." He hangs up.
"Damn, he is always like this. Does whatever he wants and hangs up. Looks like she is not going with him. Are you sure you wanna go? I mean I do agree its dangerous" He says as he turn around hugs Suzy putting his head in crook of her neck. She squeals and pulls herself back a little to look at him. Her expression is a mixture of confusion and annoyance.
"Hold up, what's wrong with him now? It's not like Rae doesn't know how to handle a gun. She is the one who saved his ass last time."
She rolls her eyes and notices how Namjoon is looking at her. She tries to follow is eyes and find out that he is looking at her lips. His gaze is intense as if he is thinking about something else. She clears her throat. Which alerts him.
"Um yeah I know...but he is as stubborn as she is. I have told him before how that girl has been dealing with drug dealers and weapons since she was 13 and he knows he will need her help but his ego is way big to ask her. Plus, you know he is overprotective."
"Exactly...I am still coming though. Tell Jin we don't need anything for this task." She wraps her arms around his neck. He holds her waist and nods smiling widely.
"I will, make sure we have enough back up though. You oversee that."
He says in proud tone and leans down and kisses her. She responds immediately holding him tight as his hands around her waist. Suddenly, her phone rings making them both jump.
Namjoon groans showing annoyance but doesn't let her go. Suzy sighs and picks up, she knows who it is. Before she could even talk she hears a voice full of anger. She mouths to Namjoon telling him its Raejin.
Raejin: "So guess what? I swear to God tell me again why am I with him?! He makes me so angry ughh!!"
Suzy: "I....can't really...answer. Yeah I would be angry too. Just....(clears throat) try to come anyways, we never know what will happen we might need back up."
She stammers and tries to focus on the conversation as Namjoon kisses her. She tries to separate herself from him biting her lip but instead he hold her tighter she feels his lips form into a smile as he continues what he was doing.
Raejin: "Like he thinks I am a kid or something and doesn't want me to go. Like really fu*ker last time you almost escaped death because I shot the guy."
"I CAN HEAR YOU!" Suzy hears a voice from a distance, must be Yoongi's he was listening. Suzy struggles to not make a noise as she bites lips she grabs Namjoon's hair but he doesn't give in.
"GOOD!" Raejin yells back. "Anyways, hell yeah I am going to leave after he does. See you later, bye." She lowers her voice almost whispering.
"ummm yeah....good just.. come! I have to go now... bye!" She hangs up quickly.
"KIM NAMJOON WE HAVE SOMEONE IN THE NEXT ROOM CAN YOU STOP!" She tries to keep her voice down but it comes out as a yell.
"So?" he says as his hands slips under her shirt.
"OMG! Stop it! He is gonna hear us." She squeals.
"I don't care~~ we still have 30 minutes before we leave" he replies as his lips move to her jawline.
" at least send him away...or something" She says as her arms tighten around him.
"Can't he is leaving in our car today." He pulls back smirking at her red face.
"We can use the bathroom you know..." He winks and kisses her again.
They both jump, Suzy almost dies of heart attack she quickly tries to mover hair to where Namjoon's lips were trying to hide the marks. She glares at Namjoon who is holding back his laugh.
"Is it done?" He says to Rich.
"umm yes...yes, sir. It is"
"Can you go down and make sure everything is ready and loaded in the car we are leaving at 8:30 sharp.
"Yes, sir I .....will go downstairs now and....I am gonna yell from downstairs so you guys can come down." He says quickly and leaves. Suzy slaps Namjoon's arm.
"ow" He cries to show but his smiles tells a different story. "SO can we continue..he said he will call us when they are ready....we have 20 minutes to be exact."
Suzy rolls her eyes but smiles as he picks her up leading her to their bedroom. She kisses him as she runs hands though his hair. He opens his mouth accepting her tongue as she giggles. Slowly the kiss gets more rough as he slides his hands under her shirt again. He slams her against the wall and feels her legs tighten around his waist. She pulls back and tries to unbutton his shirt.
"Slow down" he says teasingly
"Shut up!" she mumbles and she takes his shirt off. His hands trace lighting on her skin following the wire of her bra. He pulls her forward separating her from the wall and opens the hooks, takes her shirt and bra off together and throws it. Her hands reach his waist tugging on his pants. He trails kisses on her collarbone as she bites her lips holding back her moan.
"Stop biting your lip. I want to hear you..." he says kissing down to her chest.
"They...will hear...downstairs." She struggles to get the words out of her mouth her nails digging in his back.
"They won't....lets get these pants off before I lose my fucking mind." He says as he grabs waist to take of her jeans.
"Sir! We are ready!" Rich yells from downstairs.
"Fuck....Uh yeah we are coming!!!" Namjoon says as he pulls back putting Suzy down and picking up his shirt and hers. He puts his shirt on as Suzy takes her shirt from him and looks for her bra.
"My bra !!you idot..." She says as she tries to look for it to only find it being thrown at their bed. "Go down I am coming." She says as she puts her bra and shirt on. He nods and walks out of the room. "Joon!!" comes back rushing the room
"Huh? What?"
"Fix your hair." Suzy says and winks at him. He smiles widely and runs his hands though his hair and goes downstairs. She looks at the mirror to fix her lipstick and puts her hair down so it hides her neck.
"Okay....lets go"

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