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The Gold Box (Chapter 2) 18+

Yoongi: Ah seriously, Give me the source instead!” He yells at guy with dark brown hair and broad shoulders. His name is Simon as he looks through his bag for something. Raejin has never seen him before but Yoongi told he met him through Jin. She sits back pretending to on her phone.

“Hurry up, we have to be there on time!” He yells as he checks his phone and puts his gun in the back of his pants. Simon takes out a memory chip and hands it to Yoongi. Yoongi nods at him and puts that in his pocket.

“Simon, you will stay with her and keep an eye on her at ALL times, you hear me?? Don’t listen to her to do anything that means you have to leave her even for a minute. She will run away and follow me.” He says as he looks at Raejin. Raejin gives him a bored look.

“Seriously Yoon. Now you have a babysitter for me?” she says in a mocking tone.
Yoongi ignores her remark and says “I will be back soon” and leaves.

“Ms. Can you care to step in the room please. I am sorry Mr. Min is like that. He doesn’t mean to do it it’s just that today’s crew they are dealing with his Taehyungs and it is the most dangerous…”

“Taehyung..?” She laughs at the name “Dangerous as in?” she says sarcastically.
“Would you like to eat anything?” he says in calm voice ignoring her question.

“ I would if I needed to this is my house remember?” she says as she sits down on her bed while Sion stands in the doorway. “I asked you a question. How bad is it?”

“You are lucky I have to respect you so how about you tell me what the fuck would you like to eat?? Ma’am!”

Suddenly his tone changes as Raejin throws her head back and laughs at him.
“I knew you would drop that act as soon as you hear his car leave.”

She says smiling at him. “You are lucky I have things on my mind today. Or else I would make sure you never spoke to me like that again. Just…be careful next time I will make sure that tongue of yours is wrapped around your neck. Since you have stopped pretending…..tell me why you are actually here?

“Little tiger, you don’t know who I am? Ah of course not, that’s why you are acting like this.”
“I don’t care who you are just tell me why you are here? What do you need? Clearly you need something from since you waited for him to leave.”

“Shut up little girl…Whether you know me or not , your life is my hands now!” You want some ramen?” He smiles. Before Raejin could respond she hears her apartment’s door opening. She stands up alerted at the noise of two men coming inside and walks out of the room.
“What are you doing here?” she asks as she sees Taehyung and Jungkook walk in. She looks at their smirking faces. She quickly scans her apartment to see the fastest way out.

Stupid Yoongi…..

Taehyung: “You thought we would be somewhere else? You think we are stupid enough to be tricked by you guys luring us in at the underground center?”

Jungkook: “Come on now lets make things essy, yeah? Help us out….Where is it?”

Shit! how did they know it was in the house all along. OMG!! Where is my phone!?

Raejin: “Easy? There is nothing easy in this world kid. And where is what? I have no idea what you are talking about.”

Taehyung: “Give me the that gold box and I’ll have mercy on your life.”

Raejin: “Awww you will? How nice of you~ Can we continue this after I came back from the bathroom? Damn my stomach…You can go ahead and look around all you want.” She says and walks into the bathrooms and locks it.

She opens one of the cabinets on wall that has a security box. With her shaking hands she puts in the password and takes out the tiny gold box. She puts it in her pocket on the inside of her leather jack and zips it up . She makes sure she still has her gun and takes it out of her boot. She hides it in her hand behind her. Simon bangs on the door.

“Ms. Come out! We just need the box!”
“I am using the bathroom!!......Like…you know I am pooping!!”

“We know you are not now get out before we break this goddamn door!!” Taehyung yells.
“OMG!! I am coming!!” She quickly opens the door with one hand still behind her back.

“My goodness….Can’t a lady use the restroom in peace?” she says leaning on the door.

“Lady my ass, I think bitch is an accurate word for you.” Jungkook says. Raejin takes the gun out and puts it in the middle of his pants.
“Watch your mouth fucker” Jungkook smirks.

“Easy now….we just want the box.” Taehyung says as he grabs her shoulder. Raejin turns around and punches and runs towards the door.

“Not so fast Ms!!” Simon says as he grabs her arm. He earns a kick in his groin. Jungkook grabs her from behind chocking her neck.

“Bae, we don’t want to end in a bloody mess, just give in.” Taehyung says in a mocking tone and gets near her to start searching her body. Raejin knees Taehyung and points the gun on his head. Jungkook still choking her she barely brings her hand up to hold jungkooks hair and pull.
“Ow fuck” he yells as he lets go and tries to take her hand off. She kicks him on the side of his ribs. And backs out pointing the gun at them to get out of the apartment.

“Shoot you idiots!! Just shoot her!! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!?” Simon shouts. They don’t shoot. They only take their guns out and point at her.

“Shut the fuck up!” She yells and shoots him on his leg.

“Ah fucking bitch!! Simon yells as he falls down.

Suddenly Taehyung aims the gun down to her stomach and shoots her on the right side as she turns around to run out of the door. Raejin cries in pain but tries to stand holding the door.

The world before her eyes goes black and comes to light as she shakes her head to focus and runs outside and Taehyung and Jungkook run after her.

She has to find a taxi or car she can’t take her bike in this condition. She sees a taxi and hurriedly tries to stop it as the taxi slows down and she grabs the door and opens it.
Suddenly a pang of pain hits her left leg and she falls on her knees. The driver looks at her horrified.

“Hold. Score! Just give in. How much do you think your little body can handle?” Jungkook says as Taehyung follows him

“Ahjusshi…please don’t drive off. Please!!” She says crying in pain. She turns herself around gathering all her of remaining strength and fires two bullets.

The first one is a miss but the second one hits Jungkooks hand he screams as he lets go of gun. Taehyung runs to him. Raejin grabs the cars front seat and drags herself in closing the door. She cries in pain as she tries to hold her leg.

“Drive please drive now I beg you….you won’t be in trouble. I promise.”
“Where? To the hospital?” The driver screams.
“NO!! Ow! Itaewon Underground building near the subway station.” She tries to say gasping for air as she gets up holding the dashboard to sit on the seat. She tries to get the seat belt but fails.

“Can I please use your phone? Please….”
“Uhhh yeah its.. its in the cup holder” the drivers says with a shaking voice trying to focus on the road. She turns on the phone and dials the number.

“Min Yoongi…you are so dead….” She mumbles as she waits for Suzy to pick up.
Hello…Suzy!! it’s me!! Where are you guys?!!” Raejin says grabbing her stomach.

“Rae! Rae!! Where are you?!! They never showed up!! We are about to go back!! Don’t come……” She hears Suzy’s panicked voice.

“I know I know its because they were here…. With me….Ouch fuck I am getting dizzy”

“Bruh…stop yelling man. Just don’t move stay where you guys are you guys parked behind the building? Just stay there I will be there…. I am hurt…” She hangs up.


“What happened? What happened to her?” Namjoon asks seeing the panic on Suzy’s face.
“Get Yoongi! The reason why they never showed up was because they were with her!” She tries not to yell but fails. “Get fucking Yoongi now!”
“Shhh okay okay I will.” Namjoon says as he opens the vans door. Yoongi looks at him alerted from his red car. Namjoon motions him to get in the van. Yoongi nods turn off the engine and gets off. Suzy puts her head in her hands. As soon as Yoongi walks in and sits down she looks up and glares at him.
“What?” Yoongi says in a lazy voice.
“What?! What? You fucker…let me kill you today motherfucker” She grabs his collar. Namjoon tries to hold her back. She lets go of him as Yoongi looks at her confused.
“Babe..you have to tell us what Raejin said. What do you mean they were with her?”
Yoongi sits up at the mention of her name.

“Rae called…she sounded very weak. She said that they were with her that’s why they didn’t show up…….Who is that?” She stops as the hear someone knocking on the windows loudly.


“We are near the Underground Center…” the driver says. Raejin tries to open her eyes to see where they are at. She tries to read the sigh boards as her vision gets blurry. Finally sees the motel’s building.

“R-right. Turn right over here. Yes in that parking lot.
"You see that black van and that red car yeah just behind them. Thank You. Also...just one last favor….please go and try to get the girl Suzy in that black van…please. Thank you so much!!”
Raejin says as she tries to bow but it only increase her pain and she cries. The driver quickly gets out of the car and runs towards the black van.
They all get anxious seeing a man standing outside the window knocking on it. Yoongi opens the window and the man almost screams.
“SUZY who is Suzy!!?? The young lady…she…is in the car is calling you!! She is bleeding everywhere!
S-hot ….got shot by gun in front of me!! Help her please!!”

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