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Hello my Bebes, as for the FF event, we all had a set member to write an imagine about these angels. As for My Tofu Onew Tuesday, I will be cheating and using this ♡ I hope you enjoy. (I have been writing Angst, so I had to pull out the fuzzy bunnies and pink unicorns)


You were Onew's best friend. There was no way you had romantic feelings for him. Or so you thought. He was funny, sweet, goofy, intelligent, everything you wanted in a guy.

"Y/n, come on let's go get something to eat."

Onew had been hungry for quite some time but wanted to wait until you got to a stopping point in your studies. He had watched you intake every lesson of the text, mentally noting how cute you were when you became studious. You didn't realize but you were his sunshine. His reason to smile. Everyone knew this, aside from you.

Making sure to not lose your place in the book you nodded at him. "Sure Onew, just give me ten minutes."

Suddenly, Onew grabbed your text book running around like he was an abductor taking your most precious for hostage.

"Jinx! Give me back my book dork!"

Running after Onew made you feel weird but you were laughing to hard to care. One thing Onew was good at, was making you smile and laugh. Even if it ruffled your feathers sometimes. Lately, Onew had been coming around more. Like he had something to tell you, but just couldn't find the words.

"I want to go do something. You've starved my hunger for chicken long enough woman! We're going," He started out the door still with your book in hand.

As you sighed, you couldn't believe that Onew was that much of a try hard to get you to stop being a hermit. Regardless, you loved seeing him like this. It was a different side you had never seen before. Getting into the passenger seat of his car, made him smile. He knew he had you. The whole day was going to be you and him. Noone else. He turned his phone on silent, so to not be disturbed. Even his friends wouldn't be able to reach him today.

After a few minutes of riding in the car, you pulled up to a building. You wanted to ask him if he was mental, but decided against it. It looked as if it should have been demolished, but Onew reassured you that you wouldn't need a tetanus shot if you entered; the look was for show. Inside, was a life size obstacle course of paintball.

"Jinx, why are we here?"

"Y/n I remember when you said you always wanted to do paintball, so ta-da!" Onew practically skipped ahead of you, having the hardest time concealing his excitement.

Although the building looked close to scary, you were excited. Jinx didn't know what he was up against, but you were about to inform him. The guy at the front desk already had two suits with masks and guns set aside. Now was your time to show him who's boss. As you suited up, all you could think about was painting him a pretty rainbow spectrum. You were mentally imagining where each color would land perfectly on him. All you knew, was that you were anticipating pink the most on him.

"I am not going to go easy on you y/n, just because of that pretty face of yours," He walked to his corner as the sentence started fading.

You couldn't help but giggle as you knew you would have him. He didn't know that, but you did. Readied up, you awaited the signal to start the round. The signal was given, and you moved swiftly in and out of cover. Looking over, you saw Onew rolling around like a hedgehog. This brought a mild giggle fit, especially when you heard him collide with objects, but you started getting cautious. You wanted to be the one to hit him first, not the other way around. He started firing the paintballs as you were easily in a game of dodge. Too many close encounters for your comfort.

"Y/n, come out come out wherever you are. You can't hide from me too long. I will find you."

"Jinx go away, don't make this hard on yourself!" You countered his taunting as he started laughing searching for any indication of your location.

Peeking above your hideout, you were to the side of him, but still got nervous. If you missed him, he would take you out; so you had to think fast and do this swiftly. You aimed for him, as he was rolling around and shot him. After the first initial shot, you just wanted to pour salt in the wound and kept your hand on the trigger. He was lit up with 10 different colors of paint. No matter how angry he wanted to be, he couldn't help praise your skill. You definitely impressed him.

"Wow y/n, you never told me you were a pro at this."

Seeing Onew with pink paint spattered on him made you grin. He pulled out his phone and took a Selfie with you. This was one thing he wanted to have a photo memory of. The next place he suggested, was ice cream. He knew you loved ice-cream. It didn't matter what flavor, it was heavenly. In his mind, you both could grab ice cream and walk along the river as the sun decides to set.

"Jinx, shouldn't we eat first? I mean won't this ruin our dinner?"

Making his eye twitch on purpose, he just gave you a look that made you stop in your tracks. "Woman, what on earth is your damage? Food never ruins food. If anything, it adds to it. So no, it's not going to ruin anything. Gosh, you're killing me smalls." He ruffled your hair as he fast paced infront of you.

You smiled as you noticed he was the first guy in years to spend Valentines day with. The thought never crossed your mind on how you ended up with him today, of all days, but you weren't complaining. The river was soothing to hear. You both just sat and took in the charms of the waters music.

"Y/n, you're my best friend and you know this," his sentence automatically had your attention, "that's why if I date anyone I need to know that you will approve."

Those words cut like a knife. You were just friends, but the thought of him liking someone else didn't quite strike too well with you. In some way, you were hoping that this day, would be the beginning of a beautiful relationship. That was until said that.

"Of course Jinx, but I don't know why you'd need my approval. You are grown atleast."

"You're the most important person in my life, so I need to make sure that person jibes with you."

As the conversation went on, it started to feel you with an unexplainable feeling of jealousy. There was no way this was happening, but all indications pointed to it being true.

"I asked her to dinner tonight, I wanted you to meet her. So we better get going."

Tucking your hair behind your ear, you avoided his eye contact. You didn't want it to be a given that you were hurt. What did this girl have that you didn't? Regardless, you had to suck up the pain and push forward. Nothing said you had to like the girl. Heck, you were even devising mild plans to ruin her tonight. It was going to get interesting.

Within minutes of driving, you finally arrived at the restaurant. Eventhough you wanted to run away, you decided to stay. It meant something that he wanted your approval, so apparently he did hold you high in his eyes. Following the maitre d, you and Onew Sat down at a table. Time was ticking to the meeting of Onew's heart. He excused himself momentarily, as the waiter brought you a bouquet of flowers; blue tipped flowers. A note and box was attached. You smiled as the feeling of stupidity swarmed you. No matter how hard you tried to wrap around it, you still never saw you and him in am equation. He knew that and milked it.

'Y/n, I can't believe you'd doubt for a minute that someone else had my heart. It's always been you. I didn't know how to just ask you to a romantic dinner, so I had to plot this. I never want to see that frown you had when I asked you to meet the love of my life. I need you to always smile like you are now. I love you. Happy Valentine's day babe.'

As you opened the box, you saw a bracelet that was engraved "Jinx & Y/n 14.02.17".
Glancing up, you noticed his smile as he pulled you into a kiss. This was undoubtedly the best Valentine's day ever since forever.

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