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"The official website of Big Hit Entertainment has been hacked. 

On February 22, the MV for BTS' new track "Not Today" found under the 'notice' tab on Big Hit Entertainment's website was replaced with TWICE's MV for "Knock Knock". 

Some netizens assume a fan of TWICE must have switched the MV to increase views. On the other hand, some believe an anti-fan of both BTS and TWICE switched up the MVs to create fan wars. " - source

What do you guys think?

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@PierceHorizon if it's two or three than big hit needs to anti up their security
true that
I'm not sure how I feel about this... But I do know that my Dad says, "The world would be a better place if all hackers used their knowledge for good instead of for being mean or for personal gain/benifit." That's all I gotta say.
People seem upset about this hut I think its funny. (Love BTS don't worry, just think its funny)
@Roxy1903 it kinda is funny now that you think about it
I know some people are going to be offended by me saying its funny but honestly I see no harm done, haha
Yeah either way BTS is killing it with views so it doesnt really matter at this point hahah
Yeah haha and what upsets me is that there some BTS Stans that end up hating on Twice when obviously they weren't the ones that did it. Both groups have talent and I love them; the people that did this honestly did this as a joke and not in any way to bring harm to the group. Only way it would be an issue was if some of their personal stuff got leaked. So smiles all around for me :)