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Finally after days of making sure everything was good, here is the second chapter to my House of Disquietude Fan Fiction ♡

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Chapter 2:

Jocelyn scooted closer as she looked at Takuya. She adored him and hated that it was like this. What ever happened, she had to know. As the hours passed, people started shuffling out of the building leaving him by himself. Shin and the others came back after a short period of time. "Man, you have to go home. She wouldn't want you to be sleep deprived because of this. You need your rest." "Shin, I don't want to go to an empty home. I lost the woman I love. Never would I have imagined that this would happen. She's really gone. Once I step foot in our home and I don't smell anything baking, it's going to hit me." Takuya returned his attention to her photos as he placed his hand on his chest. He was becoming physically Ill himself. After moments of discussion, Takuya finally decided to go home. Jocelyn followed him hoping she would get answers. She thought maybe at the studio she'd find out, but they didn't speak of the situation. It hurt him to bad to try to talk about how she passed away. He slowly unlocked the door as he switched on the lights. Takuya stood there visualizing coming home to Jocelyn. So many memories were trailing back to him. Dropping his things on the table, made him look over to the last note she left him. Picking up the note, he Sat down on the couch. Jocelyn sat next to him. The note read: Hey tree, I hope you guys have a great day practicing. I have a surprise to tell you, I'm too excited. Love you TikTak and I expect a million hugs and kisses from you when you get home. He carefully closed the note as he placed it back on the table. The silence was getting to be too much, he wanted to hear her. Seeing him beginning to break down hurt her worst. He held up as good as he could with it being the first night back without her. Takuya sighed as he realized one room he wasn't able to walk in without it hitting him. It was painful but he realized that if he never walked in there again, he'd never heal. Slowly he raised up. Jocelyn knew exactly where he was going. She stood up trying her best to give him any resistance she could. For she knew he'd crumble if he walked in there. "Takuya please hear me! Don't go in there yet! TikTak please!" Regardless of the attempt, he stepped forward. Her hands came up to her mouth as tears flowed down. The memories of their blessing flooded her mind. ~ After months of trying, they were successful finally. It still seemed like yesterday when she told him excitingly. He took the ultrasound in his hand as he slid down the wall, with a stupid smile across his face. She was wondering about his thoughts as Jocelyn stood there. He jumped off the ground taking her in his arms as he was the most excited he had ever been. Finally, their life was taking off. He had everything he ever wanted, and couldn't have asked for anything else. Takuya stood in the doorway, of another now memory. "Why did you leave me?" He screamed as he rested on the door, "You were everything to me! You and our baby were everything." Catching his breath, he swallowed back his hurt, "I love you Jocelyn. I will always love you, what I wouldn't give to have you here with me. To have you both here." He turned off the light to his son's room as his head dropped. Takuya felt exhausted, broken, and lost. "I'm sorry TikTak. I love you. I never wanted it to be this way." Takuya wanted to call it a night so he decided to go to bed. She laid beside him as she put her arm around him. Nothing was adding up and she still wasn't getting any answers. Feeling as if he wasn't alone, he started thinking outloud. He wanted to reminisce about when they first met. It was also the time he fell in love with her. He had never met anyone who was so clumsy, until he met Jocelyn. * * * Takuya was intrigued by a girl who was having problems reaching for a book on the top shelf. He had witnessed her exhaust of every reaching method there was for someone who only stood 5 ft. Even other guys that tried to help, she shooed away. It was her that was going to get that book; she didn't need anyone's help. He watched so intently at how she was carrying on as she was. Indeed she was interesting, but he wanted to know her. Moving closer, he found amusement in this girl. Just from this, he could tell she had pride and independence as big as he was. She was determined and was really precious to him when she seemed flustered. Shin, his best friend, found amusement in just a person struggling to reach. He and Takuya never had that problem, since they towered 6 feet. Wanting to get her attention, Takuya walked up to her. "Excuse me miss, do you need help?" "Nope but thank you, I will find a way to grab that book." She never looked away from the book. Suddenly, without giving any hesitation of a thought, he picked her up and had her eye level to the book. She grabbed it, but her face developed a color showing her embarrassment. Never had she been in a situation where she was picked up like that. Jocelyn wanted to be mad for him basically mocking her height, but she found humor in what he did. This guy was definitely different. If that wasn't enough to get her attention, Takuya tried to ask her to have coffee with him. He saw where she obviously had worry, on her face, but he needed to speak with her. Know her better. "I actually can't, I have to work. I'm just on break, but I appreciate the offer. And uhm, thanks for the help to get my book." She turned to leave. Takuya was mesmerized by her. She left a huge impression on him. Shin noticed that girl was the same one from the coffee shop he liked going too. Takuya never went with him, so he didn't realize where he could meet her again. Hoping by faith was all he had. He'd hold on to that. To appease his best friend, Shin told Takuya he wanted to grab coffee. They were going to show up at her work. Maybe, Takuya would see her again in one day. As they walked up to the door, Shin noticed the girl from the bookstore opening up the bay window. An immediate smile curved his face. Once Takuya realized it was her, it'd be all over. He didn't realize it, but Jocelyn immediately took his heart. Shin and Takuya sat down at the bay window. Somehow, they missed their paths until she walked up to the table, oblivious to who it was. When she looked into his eyes, she tripped spilling water all over him. Freaking out, she reached for her towels. Takuya began laughing as he helped her wipe off his suit. "Heaven's to Murgatroyed, I am so sorry!" "Go out with me." "I'm sorry? I think me spilling water on you made you delusional." "I'm serious. I don't know if I'll ever get another chance to ask. Just say yes." She looked at him quizzically, before turning her attention to Shin. Jocelyn didn't want this to be some cruel joke. "You want to go out with me? I just ruined your suit that you probably spent hundreds on." "It can wash out or I can replace. I cannot replace this feeling right now. My name is Terada Takuya, let me begin to say that you have the most amazing smile I have ever seen" "I'm Jocelyn Martinez, it's a pleasure Takuya. I'll go out with you." It was as if time stood still for them in that moment. It was the beginning of a beautiful relationship, but one that would leave a heartache bigger than anyone imagined. *** Hearing him speak of her so sweetly was heartwarming and heartwrenching at the same time. She wanted to turn back the hands of time to prevent this chaos.

~ ~ ~

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