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SO BEAST! 안녕하세요, 비스트 모드 스쿼드 입니다!
(SO BEAST! Hello, we are BEAST Mod Squad!)
*Bows aggressively*

Hello B2UTYS!

I have another Around US Entertainment update for you; this time with several pieces of news.

First, Around US Entertainment officially exists on a map! It's located in ritzy Gangnam District neighborhood of Seoul.

Here are a few images of the Around US Company building.

As you can see, work is being done both on the exterior and interior of the building. It looks really nice. There appears to be a rooftop terrace, upper level balcony and a KBBQ place right next store.

The large glass windows look really neat (this may sound strange, but I'm the daughter of a carpenter so just go with it), I can image all the natural light those will allow into the building.

Just 5 days ago, the Around US Logo was hoisted up and attached to the building.

And then the little "Entertainment"sign was set in place underneath.

The completed look!

I am very excited about this as it means very soon BEAST will have a real building to set up shop, rehearse, record, create and hold all official company operations. It means that Around US Entertainment is a real, viable company!

Speaking of BEAST, that brings us to the next bit of news: At a press conference on 2/21/2017 for tvN's variety show “Mr Baek The Homemade Food Master 3.”, Doojoon was asked about the current status of the BEAST logo. Doojoon responded

“I have nothing to say about the name issue. Not only do we not know anything yet, but it’s too sensitive to discuss at a press conference.”
He added,
“It hasn’t been a long time since we switched agencies, but I’m thankful that we’ve been cast in a lot of things..."

The ongoing battle over the BEAST name and logo is bound to be a long one. A lot of fans are asking about the situation and wondering if BEAST will be able to use their name and logo for their upcoming comeback. If history is any indictator, with veteran groups like Shinhwa waiting 12 years to use their name after leaving SM, we're probably in for a long wait.

Cube threw a wrench into discussions over the copyright issue by announcing their plans to re-form BEAST as a three-member unit consisiting of former member Hyunseung (who denies knowledge of the plans prior to the announcement) and two brand new, as yet unnamed members.

We will just have to wait and see what happens and start preparing ourselves for a BEAST comeback minus the name and official logo.

In the final bit of news, Around Us Entertainment has an official Instagram account and they already have 92 posts. Things you can expect to see include:

Major personal accomplishments such as Dongwoon's college graduation.

Behind the scenes looks at group and solo activities like this cute photoshoot with Yoseob or Kikwang filming his new TV show "10-Year Difference".

A look at the BEAST creative process, like Junhyung being introspective.

Or mundane everyday activities like Doojoon petting a dog.

And sometimes they post really adorable yet random things like this:

So head on over to IG and follow the boys!

That's it for Around US Entertainment updates. Have a lovely night B2UTYS!

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you mean doojoon petting Penny? lol thats what it looks like. IM SO HAPPY THEY HAVE A BUILDING NOW!
AHAHAHAHA!!! I think Penny is thinner and she has a weird haircut on her head. However, it would be super cute if it was Penny. COME ON BOYS! WE NEED SOME BTOBEAST!!!
I am just happy that things are moving forward for them and that more good news can follow. So proud of my oppas😙
Me too. They seem to have the right people in their corner to guide them in making good decisions and how to start up this company. I'm very proud of them for doing so well.
I'm so happy they finally have a building yay but lets pray that it doesn't take 12 yrs for them to have there name back and if they give this name to another boy band those poor babies will receive all the hate from B2utys so I really hope that doesn't happen
Their new building is going to be beautiful 🤗❤
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@Helixx That would be awesome if they did a Video tour when its all done.
This is exciting
Very very exciting.