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You sit at home, alone, and eating a full tub of your favorite ice cream while watching cringe worthy romance movie. Why are you doing that? It’s Valentines day and your boyfriend of 4 years, Key, just told you that he won’t be able to come over tonight, him and the members are stuck in Daegu due to heavy traffic. You were really looking forward to having a romantic dinner before lazing around and cuddling him, while watching romantic dramas and imitating the characters together. You have spent the last 30 minutes ignoring the flood of messages and calls from him, sulking over the wasted dinner that you prepared. So, there you sit at 11:30 PM, watching The Notebook and finishing off your second container of _______ ice cream when you hear a knock on your window. You grab the closest thing to you, a life size pillow that Key got you for your birthday which happened to be sitting directly on your right. You hear the knock again and slowly go over to the window, standing to the side and ready to swing. As the window is slid open and the curtains are drawn to the side, you swing the pillow at the intruder.
“Yah! Y/N, stop! It’s just me!”
Wait, that voice sounds familiar. You stop and look at who you were hitting.
“Kim Kibum, I thought you were stuck in Daegu! Why would you scare me like that!?”
He stands up straight, rubbing his head and looking around your livingroom, seeing the sad state you had it in. Two empty containers of ice cream on the couch, pillows all over the floor, the end credits to The Notebook rolling across the screen, and tissues all over the table.
“Jagiya, why does it look like a hurricane ran through here?”
He shakes his head and starts cleaning up your mess. You huff, annoyed that he avoided your question. You decide to ask him again.
“Why aren’t you still in Daegu? Why did you just nearly give me a heart attack?”
He stops and looks over at you with a cheeky smile on his face.
“I forgot my extra key in the van. I thought I would be able to surprise you, but you were here and still awake.”
He walks over to you and moves some of your hair out of your face, blinding you with his bright smile.
“Even though it didn’t go as planned, I still have a surprise for you. Close your eyes and wait until I tell you to open them.”
Though you want to make it difficult for him as payback for scaring you, you comply, unable to resist his cute smile. You hear movement before he finally gives you permission to look. As soon as you open your eyes, youre greeted with Key on one knee, holding a ring infront of you.
“Y/N, will you make this the best Valentines day and make me the happiest man to ever live by agreeing to mary me?”


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