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안녕하세요 친구!!

Hello my lovely Monbebes and soon to be Monbebes.
Please, either show our lovely oppa Wonho some love or listen to Monsta X music.
Regardless of which, let's not make our fellow Korean idols uncomfortable or lose self confidence in themselves. Even if they are extremely handsome or fit, they still struggle with self image and self acceptance just like us.

*follow is gifs from their special segment*
This breaks my heart, really.
Wonho oppa, just know you are an INCREDIBLE man.

힘내세요, 화이팅!

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my heart hurts
10 months ago·Reply
I'm actually a mess right now. Honestly, I got into Monsta X after they debuted and I went back and watched No.Mercy afterwards. Before watching it, I was like "oh yeah I like Jooheon the most" but like after I really got to see so much of Wonho, I was catching the feels. And seeing him during Monsta X Ray is just like- wow he's amazing y'all. This man works so dang hard and he's literally nice to everyone. He's a beautiful human being and he should be seen as such. Sure, he's handsome, but he's actually a better person than I could ever be
10 months ago·Reply
If I could, I would hug Wonho until I get a smile out of him and tell him that he is a special, amazing and wonderful person. I would also tell him that he is loved and to believe in himself and his group, because it takes a lot to do what he and so many others-idols, singers, artists-all over the world have chosen to. Putting yourself in the eyes of the public isn't just a one time thing, and everyone needs love and support; just because they look or act like there's nothing bothering them doesn't mean it's true and I'm sure everyone has felt unloved or worthless so be caring to others no matter who they are. Everyone wants feel that they belong and are accepted so please don't make anyone feel as though they don't deserve it. @SerenaArthurs
10 months ago·Reply
Love you monsta x. I was with them on their debut and still am
10 months ago·Reply
My poor Oboe Wonho 😭😭😭 if I could I would give him a hug...but my arms aren't long enough...
10 months ago·Reply