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English Sub below! <0:04~:0:10> Rachel’s Mother: You can’t even give birth. Shall we see how well KT takes care of her mother compared to his brother? <0:10~0:14> Rachel: I told him you are pretty damn well off JD: Why would the tiger be away from its own cave? <0:15~0:21> KT & KW’s Father: give your younger brother what is rightfully his KT: Whatever hyung is worried about, I promise it will not happen KW: It’s not a matter of whether there is an illegitimate son or not. <0:21~0:26> ES’ mom: This is the home that we will live in ES: Mom, are you crazy? Myungsoo: Do you live at this home?... Did KT move out? <0:26~0:29> KT’s mom: Are you blind as well? ES: I will go <0:30~0:33> KT: I keep seeing the back of a girl KT’s mother: The daughter of the maid will be living at this residence.
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i can't wait to see ep 4