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Thank you for taking the time to read my story. I haven't done this in so long so again. Thank you. Chapter 3!
Seokjin shook Lee's hand and gave a smile she hadn't seen. Business mixed with pleasure. "Deal. But there are a few rules that follow." he said.
"Rule one, I will need time off. I can't be on duty all the time."
"How about on duty only when I leave my home."
"Perfect. Rule two, you cannot fall for me. This is strictly business. Rule three, if I sense there's danger you must follow what I say. There are no exceptions to this. Any questions?"
"Yes. Where are you living?"
"A hotel. I can move closer to you if you wish."
Lee smiled. "I have a guest bed room. No charge other then helping with food."
Seokjin took a few minutes to think. Lee grew antsy. She had never thought she'd be in a situation where she needed a body guard. How could her life spiral into chaos already?
"Oh yes. Sorry. What was that?"
"When do move in?"
The two began working on details about his new job. She would start work at 10am Monday through Friday and be done by 6. Giving him time for looking around and socializing. Weekends would have be worked out but she wasn't ready to go out.
Two days after their talk, Seokjin moved in. Lee bought dark blue bedding set with new pillows (of which her mother went out to get). Lee cleaned the apartment for a few hours before locking herself away. She had too much human contact for the next few days.
Seokjin had let himself him and began to unpack. Lee listened carefully when she heard the door open. Her heart dropped to her stomach and she struggled to keep her breathing normal. Then she heard a knock on her door. "Lee, just wanted to let you know its me. Its okay."
Those words. She took a deep breath and began collecting herself. She slowly began to feel relaxed when she knew he was there. She turned on some music and laid down for a nap.
Lee woke up a few hours later to a smell of food. Her mouth began to water and her stomach growled. She couldn't remember the last time she felt hungry. But her body was rioting again the new diet she developed.
She slowly opened the door and looked out to see Seokjin in the kitchen. He was dancing and singing to some music that was too low for her to make out. Quietly she walked out and headed to the breakfast bar.
Seokjin went for the plates and began serving. He turned and placed one in front of her. "You looked incredibly skinny when I saw you the other day. And aside from the clothes, I see you've lost more weight. Eat up."
Lee looked at the food and gulped. She was so hungry. But she had to control herself from devouring every spec of food. She picked up the fork and took a bit. She couldn't believe how good it was. Next thing she knew she was done and sucking on her fork. "That was amazing. Thank you Seokjin."
He laughed. "You're welcome. There's more so help yourself. Oh and uh....call me Jin. Okay?" She mumbled a yeah sure and ran for the food. After dishing her second helping, she quickly turned around and bumped into Jin causing both plates to fall and food to go everywhere. He caught her from falling and held her close.

And that's where I shall end for today. Thank you for reading!