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So this was supposed to be uploaded in January but I could never get the chance so here's a belated birthday oneshot for D.O. I hope you all still enjoy!

“What do you mean it’s starting to melt?!”

You rearrange the phone on your shoulder as you open the oven, a cloud of smoke escaping. That’s not a good sign, you think as your nose wrinkles and you close the oven hoping the cookies would magically become perfect. You turn your attention back to your mother who was practically screaming in your ear.

“Who gets an ice cream cake for someone in the middle of January? It’s freezing outside for crying out loud. A sane person wouldn’t think of-”

“Mom please. Just cut the heat down in the car until you get here. You know how much that cake means to me right now.”

You hear your mom grumble on the other end about how a daughter shouldn’t make cake more important than her mother. You take the phone from between your ear and shoulder and place it down, your mother still talking. You still had to blow balloons and hang up the birthday banner. You run your hands through your hair, stress threatening to overwhelm you. The things you did for your boyfriend were simply insane. You allow a smile to appear on your face as you think of him. In the end you knew it would be worth it; to see his smile. You snap out of your thought when your nose catches a burning aroma that immediately makes you turn to the oven, smoke seeping from the sides.

“That’s definitely not supposed to happen,” you murmur as you quickly grab an oven mitt.

You slowly pull the door down and smoke billows out, making your eyes sting. You close it up, stifling a cough. You would worry about that later, you think as you turn the oven dial to off. You grab your phone, not surprised when you hear your mother still rambling. You prepare to cut her off again when you hear a knock on your door.

You hold your breath and hope it’s not who you think it is. The cake wasn’t even here and it probably wouldn’t even make it at the rate your mother was going. You make a mental note to plan ahead next year but knowing your mind you knew it wouldn’t matter even if you wrote it down. You scramble to the door as your hear another knock. Your mother had gone quiet on the other end and you thank her for the sudden silence. You nervously look through the peephole and almost jump out of your skin when your mother’s voice screams in your ear.

“Surprise, honey!!!”

Your heart feels like it's about to explode right then and you can barely catch your breath as you open your door, your mom standing there with the cake in one hand.

“What the hell Mom?”

You take the cake from her and move to close the door with you foot but your mom pushes her way in. She wasn't strong but you were being extra careful with the cake in your hands. You sigh when she makes her way to the couch. Your boyfriend would be here at any moment and the last thing you wanted was your mother to be hanging around here.

“You know, I think you two should hire someone to help around here,” your mother announces, dragging her index finger on the table beside the couch.

You roll your eyes as you leave her in the room and place the cake in the freezer, thankful it's still in a suitable condition. That's one thing done you think as you turn to the banner that's still on the floor. You hear your mother still mumbling about the color of drapes when you enter the front room.

“Mom, stop complaining and come help me please. He does his best and personally I like how our place looks.”

You grab a chair, dragging it toward the entrance of the kitchen. Your mom does the same, positioning the chair on the other side. Carefully you both grab the corner of the banner and lift it up, hanging it. A sound from your left makes you turn your head suddenly, your body
threatening to lose balance. You scramble down from the chair and rush to your phone and see a missed call notification. As you read the name, your heartbeat picks up.

“Mom…” you whisper urgently, “Thank you for all your help but you need to go now!”

Your mom gives you a look and then her face changes as she sniffs and then sniffs again.
“Did you try to cook something? You know you can't-”

You don't let your mother finish as you hear the familiar faint sound of a key in the lock. In record time you drag your mother through your house and out the back door, giving her a kiss before you slammed the door. You hear him before you see him and you know he's entered the kitchen.


You yell loudly making Kyungsoo jump and turn to face you, his hand clutching his chest. The shock on his face is immediately replaced with relief as he shakes his head and pulls you into a loving embrace. Strong arms surround you and you lay your head into his chest, his deep laugh echoing in his chest.

“I should’ve expected something like this from someone so cute like you.”

You pull away from the embrace and gaze down, embarrassment spreading across your face. Your voice is barely audible as you lower your head once more, unable to stare at Kyungsoo as you muttered out your thoughts.

“Well I didn’t want this day to be like any other day…” You raise your gaze briefly to meet Kyungsoo’s soft eyes, “I’m glad you were born; and more importantly that I got to meet you.”
The last words have barely escaped your mouth when Kyungsoo pulls you toward him, placing his lips on yours. The kiss is one so full of love and emotion, you find your head is swimming as you return the action. You place your hands on his biceps to keep yourself from falling to the floor.

Kyungsoo draws back and you can’t help but whine at the loss of contact. You start to ask what’s wrong when you see your boyfriend sniff once, then again; his face crinkling up in distaste. You immediately remember the cookies in the oven collecting smoke.

You look toward Kyungsoo and find him staring at you with a knowing smile. You grin sheepishly and shrug your shoulders, letting a laugh escape your lips. Kyungsoo shakes his head but joins you in your laughter, pausing for a moment to kiss your forehead.

“Cute. But maybe next time you should get some help from some of my group mates.”

“You haven’t forgotten who cooks for them have you? It wouldn’t have gone any better-” You paused, wanting to tease your boyfriend. “Well maybe next time I need help I could call Chanyeol. He’s so eager and playful and I even bet he-”

You go silent as Kyungsoo tenderly places his hand on your head laying his forehead on your own. Your heart immediately skips a beat as Kyungsoo’s voice, deep but tinged with gentleness.

“If you ever need help I’m the one to call. Even if it's supposed to be a surprise for me; call me.”
You give Kyungsoo a playful frown and cross your arms. “Are you saying you don't like surprises?”

You turn your back on to him hiding the grin on your face. You tense up then relax as you feel Kyungsoo’s arms wrap around your waist, his hands covering your protruding belly protectively.

“Well, I suppose some surprises are okay.”

“Mhm,” you hum covering Kyungsoo's hands with your own. You were thankful the little guy hadn’t given you much trouble today.

“Oh. I almost forgot.” You watch one of Kyungsoo’s hands unlatch from your stomach and into his pocket, pulling out a small diamond ring.

You smile, memories coming back to you, as he guides the ring onto your finger. You remember the image of Kyungsoo kneeling in front of you, his face vibrant and emotional. You feel the same tears that ran down your face that night threaten to fall again. As if he read your mind, you let Kyungsoo turn you around and wipe your eyes.

“You know I can't stand you crying Y/N. Give me one of those beautiful smiles.”

You smile weakly, exhaustion suddenly coming over your limbs and you reach out toward Kyungsoo as your legs give out. Strong arms catch you as you wrap your arm around Kyungsoo’s neck, putting your weight on his shoulders. With little effort, he escorts you to your bedroom. Tenderly, he places you in the bed and by the time he’s turned the light you can barely keep your eyes open.

“Guess all that moving around took its toll on you. You can't forget you're responsible for another life Y/N.”

You don't answer as your body gives in and the last thing you see is Kyungsoo's smiling face and you murmur something just before you drift off.

“I love you too.”

i like the cake! that was sweet and i also eat icecream cake in the winter