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Hi Blinkies ^^ So sorry for not posting this earlier but congrats to our winner @CrookedShadow !! We really liked your story and now you get to pick your prize!
Our typical prizes *cries* sorry but we're all pretty broke right now 😢 • A spam • Wallpapers • Or a one shot! --> of a Blackpink member of your choice! Congrats again and let us know your pick!
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@MelissaGarza Thank you ^-^
10 months ago
Oh thank you so much~ And you're totally fine!! These prizes are fine ^-^ Umm I would love a one shot of Jisoo please c:
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@VKookie47 Ummm oh gosh, I don't even know!! Uhhh probably an angst themed fanfic would be interesting ^-^ But really, so whatever you want c:
10 months ago