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The Gold Box (BTS Fanfic) Chapter 3 18+


As soon as Yoongi hears the words come out of the driver mouth he opens the door startling the old man and rushes towards the taxi. The others follow behind him. He opens the door and sees Raejin. She barely has her eyes open. She looks pale and sweat is dripping down her face, one hand on her stomach. She opens her eyes a little and sees him.

"Fucking Min Yoongi, (gasps) I will kill...you!!" She says.
"Rae—Raejin..." He says his hand trembling as he takes her into his arms. She cries in pain, burying her head in his chest and clutching onto his shirt. He picks her up, moves her in the van.

As soon as Suzy sees him walking towards the van, she dashes back in and creates space for Raejin, lowering the seat. She looks at Namjoon.

"Babe, get my bag." She says.

"Yeah, hold on." Namjoon reaches for her bag opening it for her. Yoongi comes in and lays Raejin on the seat. He tries pressuring on to her wound on her stomach. He holds back his tears as Suzy gets the gauze and opens the bottle of antiseptic liquid. She disinfects her hands and wears her gloves.

"Move, Yoongi, I will do it." She says not looking him. They switch places so she is next to Raejin.
"I will take care of the driver." Says Namjoon as he steps out of the van and goes to the driver who is just standing there trembling.

Suzy unzips Raejin's jacket and gasps at seeing her white shirt covered in blood underneath. She slowly takes her jacket off, lifts her shirt exposing her bullet wound. She puts the antiseptic on her wound. Raejin puts her hand over her mouth and cries in pain.

"Drive to the house, Rich!" Yoongi says as he sees Namjoon making a gesture for them to leave while talking to the driver. Yoongi opens the window and throws his car keys for him. Namjoon catches them nodding at him, Rich starts driving.

Meanwhile, Suzy takes her out more gauze to control the bleeding up she is confused as to why the blood is piling on the floor if she is holding her wound.

"We can only take it out when we get home. The car is moving. I can't do anything, but try to stop the bleeding as much as possible." She says. Raejin nods looking at Yoongi seeing his expression blank. She knows what that blank expression means.

Yoongi looks at Raejin. She has turned pale her hair is damped, her lips chapped.

He hates himself. He hates that he was careless. He hates himself repeatedly. He hates that the girl who saved him last time is now fighting for her life because of him.

Stupid! You are so stupid Min Yoongi!!

"Your babysitter...he took really good ...care of me." She finally says breaking him away from his thoughts.

"Don't talk." He manages to says his voice cracking up. "I don't want to hear you."
Raejin glares at him.

"Shit I can't control the bleeding!! I am running out of gauze!! Rich hurry up."
"I am trying..." He says and he speeds up.

"I swear, I am holding on to her wound, where is this blood coming from!?" Suzy yells. She looks at the floor and sees where the blood was coming from. Her thigh.

"Did you get shot twice?? On your leg, too?!" She screams.

Yoongi jumps as he looks down and finds the additional wound on her leg. Raejin nods once again. Suzy looks at Yoongi, her hands still on Raejin's stomach. Yoongi takes off his shirt and wraps it around Raejin's thigh.

"We can't help it. We must go to the hospital, Now!! Rich go to the nearest hospital!" Suzy yells. Rich nods speeding up and turns the car in the left lane to get to the hospital. Yoongi lifts her leg to see the wound on the back of her thigh.

"No, we can't!! They might report it!" Raejin says.

"Shut it, Rae!! We have no choice and stop talking!" yells Suzy.

"I got shot on the leg when I was trying to get in the taxi...Ouch Suzy!!" She cries. Yoongi looks up at her face and sees her looking at him again.

"Talk one more time and I will let you die." He says firmly.

"Good, you will be single then." She replies abruptly. Yoongi closes his eyes tears rolling down his cheek.

"Raejin, don't talk...please." He pleads. Raejin sees his worried eyes nods at him and closes her eyes. She tries to stay conscious but her body betrays her.

"What's the hold up!" Yoongi yells at Rich.

"We are almost there!" Rich yells turning into the street and stops the car in front of the ER of the hospital and gets out running inside to get a doctor.

Yoongi ties his shirt around her leg and picks Raejin up. Suzy tries moving long with him, keeping her hand on the wound at the same time. Unfortunately she fails. The blood starts gushing out again.

As he gets out of the car. Yoongi looks at the blood gushing down and he runs towards the hospital with Suzy behind him. He looks at Raejin's face.

Shit she passing out!

"Raejin ah.... Stay awake, please!!" He yells as he sees the hospital staff coming out with a stretcher. He feels her body get loose.

Shit, she passed out.

Doctor comes rushing as Yoongi lays her on the stretcher.

"Ya!! Interns get in here!! Nurse Lee!!
Get the as much gauze and as we can and clear a bed for her!"

The doctor yells as he shines light in her eyes to test if there is healthy function of her cranial nerves.

He tells Yoongi to step back as they place her to a bed. Yoongi's body gets weak as he collapses on the floor. Suzy comes behind him. She grabs his shoulder and helps him up and makes him sit on a bench. She rushes back towards the doctor as sees them tearing Raejin's shirt off.
"She has another one on the back of her thigh!" She yells. The doctor looks at her and asks who she is.
"I am with her, too. I am certified in Eastern Medicine. I did first aid on her to stop some of the bleeding." She says. He nods and goes to her leg as one of the interns applies pressure on her wound. He moves to her leg and unties the shirt.
"Get the surgery room ready." He says to the nurse who nods and rushes.

"Sir, it's an arrest!" Suddenly, one of the interns yells looking at the heart monitor.
"Get the defibrillator!" The doctor yells at an intern who was standing next to him the whole time unable to move from shock.
"YA!!" The doctor yells once again making him jump as he runs and brings a defibrillator back.
The intern working on her wound wraps a bandage around her to stop the bleeding for now as they move back and let the doctor perform the procedure.

"200 joules!
Get ready. Every one step back.
1, 2, 3 Shock!"

Yoongi watches Raejin's body react to the shock. He clenches his hands on the side of the bench unable to move.
The intern who brought defibrillator now performs CPR as the doctor prepares for another shock.

"360 joules!
1, 2, 3 Shock!"

This time her heartbeat comes back as they rush her into the surgery room. Namjoon comes in running towards Suzy and Yoongi. He sees Suzy looking down her head in her hands. And Yoongi next to her looking at an empty bed full of blood. Namjoon approaches him and he looks up.

"What...What did I do wrong?" I just wanted to protect her!" Tears fill in his eyes once again. Suzy looks up and sighs in relieve seeing Namjoon. She ignores Yoongi and looks away from him.
"You didn't trust her. You trusted strangers more than her." Namjoon says trying to keep his voice calm.
"Stranger? Simon is not a stranger...Jin said." He blurts out and Suzy laughs at his remark.
"Yeah believe Jin more than the girl you have spent years with." She says glaring at him.

"You still fail to believe it's your fault! Your ego is so big that you don't realize how it can hurt people around you!" Namjoon says.

"Look if this isn't-Wait a second" he says walking out of the ER and takes his phone out to call Rich who went to look for back up.

"What!" Namjoon says as he sees Yoongi walk out of the ER. He looks at Suzy who just rolls her eyes looking down.

"Where are you? Oh, Okay. Did you call more back up? Come pick us up we are leaving my car here for Suzy. You are still in TRAFFIC?!! It's 12:33 AM!!" He yells and tries to calm himself and says once again.

"Come, pick us up! Hurry!" he hangs up and walks back inside.
"Suzy, stay here with Raejin. Namjoon, can you give her my car keys. We have to go."
"Okay, but where?" he says handing the keys to Suzy.
"She said Simon was involved in this. We must look for them." Yoongi replies.
"Okay" he says "babe stay here okay. Call us as soon as something happens."
"I will." She says as Yoongi and Namjoon run outside.

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oh shit this just got real 😱😱😱 someone's going to die and it's not going to be pretty 😱😱😱 I love it now I really can't wait for the next chapter I hope it's out soon
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