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So I've been thinking that maybe I should do a Giveaway.... But what should I give away though....hmmmm really good question. *light bulbs come up* Ohhhh I know what! I'll do a Giveaway that has to do in giving this (pic below) away! :O *************
Dun Dun Duuuuunnnn! ************************** That's right everyone! I'll be doing a GiveAway with all the BTS PhotoCards you see their, 2 of my drawing PhotoCards and a BTS stickers! *gasps* Why am I doing this you say? Well I wanted to do something other than just selling the stuff. I've seen many people do giveaways and I thought to myself Why not I do one too! Down below, I will be writing down the Rules in order to join in on the Giveaway! RULES: 1. Follow both my accounts on Instagram (@jessacosta90_ @jessonwang9094) *make sure you comment your name on here as I will be checking to see you did follow me* 2. Make a Vingle Post about who your BTS bias is and why you love him. Make sure you tag me! Be creative and have fun on your cards everyone! I will pick the winner on the 1st of March! :) Don't forget to comment your Instagram name on here once you follow me! I will ONLY be considering those who leave your names on the comment. It will make it easier for me to see that you did follow me on both accounts! Thank you everyone and have fun on your cards! Can't wait to see them! :D *FOR U.S. ONLY* ***********************



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instagram name is tae_taekookie i made my card today lol hopefully it wont take to long for you to announce the winner and may i pls be tagged in your cards thank you~
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Your very welcome! 💙
elleismad on insta. I'll post a card later today :) oh and how do I follow you in vingle?
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Oh ok. thanks :)
Thank you! 💙
@newbornskiiez is my insta name :3 ill make the card tomo and tag you ❤
Thank you! 💙