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this is too difficult for me I love them all
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kill Natsu, hug Gray, kiss Jellal, marry Gajeel
10 months ago·Reply
I'd kill gajeel, kiss jellal, marry natsu for sure 😍😊, and hug gray
10 months ago·Reply
marry jellal, kiss gray, hug gajeel and natsu, kill no one
10 months ago·Reply
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@princessIsabel I understand it may be going against your card, and I mean no ill will; however, I believe choosing to either kill someone is not within my power for it is God alone who chooses when a person's time is up. As such, I couldn't make that decision.
10 months ago
kill Juvia, kiss Levy, marry Lucy, and hug Erza
10 months ago·Reply
Kill Natsu, Kiss Jellal, Hug Gray, MARRY GAJEEL ♡♡♡♡♡♡
9 months ago·Reply