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@saharhyunjoong I agree with you!!! Haha. Hey how does the app Line look like that you mention to me before?
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@divalycious u are sooo right Haha yeah she but unnie became my absolute favorite after i miss u i was literally impressed by her acting sooo Mmuch i love her her acting is amazing in all types of roles and not 2 mention OPPA yongiee he looks sooo dashing cute and charming and OPPA acting has improve soooo much and the story the script and the dialogues are really good i just love the show :-)♥♥
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@evelynmendoza14 the app is light green color and it says line on it i wanna send u a pic but i cant on vingle Lols
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Ah I found it! :) thank you. ^_^ haha.
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@evelynmendoza14 u r welcome enjoy :-)♥♥
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