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Starting this week we'll be doing Genre Week's! So every week will have a different Genre of music to it.

This week's Genre is K-HipHop!

Group Name: MFBTY (My Fans (Are) Better Than Yours)
Debuted: January 21st, 2013
Latest Comeback: October 5th, 2015
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Members: (3) - They are a coed group!
Name: Seo Jung Kwon
Stage Name: Tiger JK/Drunken Tiger
Born: 1974
Position: Rapper
He's also a soloist.
Name: Park Joon Young
Stage Name: Bizzy
Born: 1980
Position: Rapper, Producer
He's also a soloist.
Name: Yoon Mi Rae/Natasha Shanta Reid
Stage Name: Yoon Mirae
Born: 1981
Position: Rapper, Vocalist
She's also a soloist.

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