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BTOB Member Week: Hyunsik!
Evening Melodies and new Melodies!
It is the week of the Sik. Hyunsik! I have come to bring you my favourite era for thsi beautiful being.
It was a hard choice, and I've narrowed it down to two eras.
First Era


Look at the cute munchkin here!
Remeber when the shark boy hair was popular, thats what this reminds me of.
Our playful kitten! Such a smol bean here. Hyunsik has always been musclular. But he just looks so young. I miss this!
They grow up so fast *cries*

The second era I feel for Hyunsik again was

Remember That Era
Such a change in a few years!
Yet still the same kid!
The way he has changed and matured really brings me full circle in loving BTOB and Hyunsik.
And just because, who doesn't love the blonde and shirtless Hyunsik. *winks and blows away like the wind*

Oh goodness.... he looks like a BABY in during the Wow era. AWWW HYUNSIK. 😭💙
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Hyunsik with no shirt and a plushie 😲
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My heart...ahhhh
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