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Genre: Angst Pairing: Reader x ??? Length: 1758 Warning: Rated M, Foul Language, readerxidol Summary: He was my everything, but I was just his game. Part 7/?
Jackson's Pov: Jackson sat there just thinking about how y/n left covered in towels, after his shower he just thought how upset she must have been. He felt nothing but guilt, he knew he shouldn't have left you alone, but the one thing that couldn't leaving his mind was how terrified you looked the last time you came up for air. Not only how you screamed but who you screamed for, Chanyeol...and not him. When Jackson was trying to sleep that night he just couldn't the guilt was eating him up. Not only that but every time he closed his eyes all he could see was you screaming in the lake. “Y/n…..” jackson said in bed staring at the ceiling. “I’m so sorry..” he finished starting to tear up before falling asleep. Y/N’s Pov: You had woken up to an empty bed but still wrapped up in blankets. Your phone was probably still in the kitchen in a bowl full of rice to let it soak up the water from last night, and Chanyeol's phone was probably on him so you had no way of checking the time. You opened the door and was greeted by the most delicious smell of eggs, bacon, pancakes and more. You walked into the kitchen to find D.O and Chanyeol making the yummiest breakfast ever. As you started to smile Chanyeol had turned around and saw you standing there. His eyes lit up before he wiped his hands with a towel and made his way to hug you. “Good morning” you could feel his smile while he talked “how do you feel, do you need an aspirin?” He pulled away and asked while placing his hands on your shoulders. “Morning” you chuckled “ I’m fine Chan” you said while caressing his cheek, which later followed by his hand on yours. “Oh well we're almost done with breakfast, are you hungry?” He said motioning to D.O. “Yeah, it smells amazing!” You said with the biggest smile. D.O looked over smiled back and continued to flip the pancakes. “Well I'm gonna go freshen up, use your bathroom?” You asked very well knowing the answer. “Of course” he said kissing your forehead. “Are you gonna be ok on your own?” You nodded kissed his cheek and made your way back you his room, turning around to see him jump with his fists in the air out of joy. You giggled and then closed the door behind you. After cleaning up and looking decent you made Chanyeol's bed for him considering you slept there too. While making it you bumped into his side table and one of the books that was on it fell off. The book was titled ‘Best Friends’ with a picture of you and him on the cover. You smiled and put it back where you found it.You walked back into the kitchen to find the table set and D.O washing the dishes. “Hey D.O where's Chanyeol?”you asked seeing as he was here a minute ago but not anymore. “Right here” Chanyeol said giving you a back hug and resting his head on your shoulder. D.O smiled at you two while he put the dishes in the drainer, then calling the guys for breakfast. “So how’d you sleep?” Xuimin asked you then filling his mouth with eggs and potatoes. “Great actually, it's been forever since I've stayed here.” You said then continued eating with the guys. “Yeah it feels good to have you back.” Chen said drinking his orange juice. You smiled and went back to your food. You were eating on the left side on Chanyeol and his hand rested on your thigh while you ate. Once finished D.O, Xuimin and Kai insisted on cleaning up. “Hey the manager said it's ok for you to come to the studio with us, if you want to.” Chanyeol said giving Kai his and your plates. “Yeah I'd love to just let me get my phone.” You took the phone out of the bowl and put it back together. When you turned it on half of the screen was purple and back. “Ah man” you whined in annoyance. “What's wrong?” Chanyeol asked pouting placing his chin on your shoulder. “Look the screen is all fucked up now, it's a good thing I still have my old one, you think we can stop by my place to get it?” You asked obviously needing a phone. “I thought you got rid of it because it was to slow, and you couldn't take pictures on it anymore?” He asked giving you a weird side look. “Yeah but I need something, can we stop by there and get it?” He nodded and looked to be grinning a little. “Cool I'll go get my bag and then we'll go.” You grabbed your bag and you and Chanyeol left in his car while Exo left in the Van. J-hope’s Pov: J-hope was in the living room with Tae and Minnie. Jin and Jimin went to a hotel with Lilly and Mackenzie last night so they wouldn't be alone and were on there way to the Big Hit’s studio to meet Yoongi to record something for the next comeback. Namjoon was on the phone with Jungkook who was on his way back from a walk. “You guys ok?” Hobby said to break the silence. “Yeah, um Tae I think I better get home, I have work tonight.” Minnie said putting her phone in her bag. “Need a ride, we're gonna be leaving soon anyway.” Tae asked not letting go of her hand. She nodded and pulled her phone back out of her bag. “Hey J!” Namjoon said from the kitchen. “What's up?” Said entering the kitchen. “Manager was wondering if you and y/n still had the mixtape Yoongi was working on?” Namjoon said hold his hand on the bottom of the phone. “Uh yeah I think she has it I'll call her now.” J-hope said while pulling out his phone heading up the stairs to his bedroom. He tried ringing you and it went to voicemail. Then remember you had your phone with you in the lake so ringed Chanyeol instead. “Hello?” Y/n answered. “Hey, y/n?” “Hobby? Yeah, what's up?” She sounded so much better, hobby thought hoping you had gotten enough rest. “Oh manager wants the mixtape we used for warmups, do you still have it?” Hobby asked feeling a bit of a burden. “Oh I lent it to Mark for his workouts sorry hope.” You said feeling unhelpful. “Oh it's cool I'll stop by there before heading to the studio, thanks y/n, later!” He said smiling through the phone. “Later hobby!” With that the call ended. “Hey J we're leaving!” Namjoon said at the door as J-hope made his way down the stairs. “Ok I'll take Jin’s car, y/n said the mixtapes’ at Got7’s so I'm gonna stop by there.” “Ok cool see you at the studio.” Namjoon said throwing Hope the keys to Jin's car then leaving to the car. J-hope walked to car and drove to there dorm. It was about 8 houses down but he was to tired to walk there and then back. He walked up to the door and rang the doorbell and was greeted by a very fatigued Jackson. “Hello?” Jackson looked like he had been torchered all night long. “Hey….Jackson you all right? You don't look so good.” Hope asked concerned if he was sick, after all he was the one who jumped in the lake to save y/n. “Yeah I just couldn't sleep last night” he said stepping out of the way to let hope in. “I couldn't stop thinking about y/n, have you heard from her?” Jackson said while him and J sat in the living room. “Yeah just got off the phone with her, she sounds a lot better.” J-hope said giving Jackson some peace. “That's good” he said looking to be in relief. “So what's up?” He said. Running a hand through his hair. “Oh y/n let Mark borrow a mixtape for his workouts, I was wondering if I could get that back?” Hope said while Jackson stood up. “Ummmmm” he said looking through the tapes they had. “Oh here it is, thanks by the way we all used it.” He said handing it to J. “No problem, well I better get to the studio, JYP give you guys the day off?” Hope said quietly not knowing if anyone was up. “Yeah Bambam and JB are took the guys to breakfast, and I'm gonna go on a walk to see if I can tire myself enough for a nap.” Jackson said putting on his coat and a cap. “Oh cool, well I'll leave you to it get some rest Jackson.” Jackson gave him a tight smile and grabbed his phone while him and J left the house. Jackson’s Pov: He was walking and turned the street all ready to far down to turn back before realizing he was on your street. So kept walking, about three houses away from your house he noticed you walk out of it and started walking faster. He needed to apologize he needed you, but his thoughts and steps stopped once seeing Chanyeol. He slowed down and hid behind a car. He watched as Chanyeol placed his hands on you hips while you locked the door, and held your hand as the two of you walked back to his car. The car started and was heading his way. Jackson didn't want you to see him so he jumped into the nearest bush as you drove by. He popped his head out of the bush with leaves in his hair and on his coat. While he watched the car turn the corner and sighed. Knowing he had a chance to talk to you but didn't. Then getting out of the bush and walked home in shame and regret. He went in and was surprised with the guys back. Youngjae being the first he saw. “Hey Jack…..son?” He said holding back a laugh as JB entered the room. “Haha what happened to you?” JB asked indicating the leaves. “I don't wanna talk about it.” Jackson said making his way up the stairs to him room and falling asleep.
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aww poor Jackson but is it bad that I want her to be with chanyeol