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Hello Blinkies! Its Melissa with Rose Wednesday. As you know, our ladies won at GaonCharts awards. I hope I spelled that right. I'll be sharing pictures and videos of her from the award show.
Rose saying acception speech in English. She's really impressive.
Rose impressed the members of BTS with her speech.
Look Who's checking out Rose!
Bonus : BlackPink performance in Gaon Chart awards.

Well that's all for this week's Rose Wednesday. I hope you enjoyed it. I hope you are proud of these young ladies as I am.
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When Rose speaks English she kinda sounds like she has an Australian accent. BTS really likes BlackPink and Red Velvet
@SerenaArthurs Wow! I knew about BlackPink but not Red Velvet
@MelissaGarza yeah I think Tae like Irene and Jimin likes Seulgi