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Ok so here it is the beginning of smut series...Now this first chapter doesn't have smut but im still placing the warnings because there will be smut to come.
"Come on you need extra money and it's super easy." My friend was trying to have me work with her.

"I don't know."

"Come on you get to hang with cute guys and get paid for it."

"Is that really all you do?" I asked she just laughed and pulled me down the road.

"I promise you, you will be able to pay off all those bills." She smiled.

"Fine but once they are done I'm leaving."



"Seriously?" I asked looking up at a building.

"(y/n) come on you'll be good at this."

"Tiff I...."

"Come on you said you'd do this until you got your bills paid."

If I wasn't in need of money I wouldn't do this. I had to. I nodded and followed her in. She took me to an office and knocked.

"Come in." the person said.

"Hi boss I have a new recruit." Tiff said pointing to me.

"Hmm, she looks pretty, I'm sure she'll do good with a bit of training." the lady said glancing at me.

"Can I show her the ropes tonight?" Tiff said and the lady nodded.

"Yes, What's your name?" She asked

"It's (y/n)"

"We'll have to change that. Fill these out and bring it back tomorrow night." She said handing me a few papers.


Tiff took me took to a room with lockers.

"Sunshine!" One of the girls called out.

"Hey Sugar." she smiled and hugged the girl.

"Your regular is here to see you." She smiled.

"Oh is he now?" She smirked.

"Who's the New girl?" Another girl spoke.

"Oh this is my friend (y/n) she's going to join us." Tiff smiled

"Oh then maybe she should follow me tonight not you. She might not want to do it after watching what you do."

"Oh come on, I just like to get that extra cash and he is very good at what he does." She laughed. I was confused on what was going on.

"Alright Baby you're going to follow me around. My name's Sugar." She held her hand out to me.

"Hi Sugar."

"My real name is Suzy, but don't call me that here boss lady might get upset if she hears that."

"Why?" I was curious.

"It's so we stay in character. Alright let's get her dressed." Sugar said and pulled me to this closet filled with dresses.

"Oh have her wear this."One of the girls handed me a dress.

"Go in there and change." Sugar said and pointed to a door.

"Hey (y/n)" I turned to Tiff. She had an amazing red dress on that hugged her in all the right places.


"Have fun Tonight and I'll meet you back here after our shifts." she waved then walked out of the room.

"She just really want to get to her regular." Sugar said and pushed me lightly towards the door. I walked in and changed. Man this was too much skin. The dress was a nice short black dress with long sleeves but the sides were holes so you could see my skin. And the V cut made my boobs visible. The dress was tight and made my butt and boobs look amazing but this wasn't something i wore.

"Come on out Baby!" Sugar said and I had to force myself out.

"Oh she is going to get picked tonight." one of the girls said.

"Alright let's go." I followed Sugar out into the party rooms. She walked to the front door where there was a guy behind a counter.

"Baby this is Luke, he will be the one giving you guys, you just need to let him know when you get here so that if any of your regulars come they don't have to wait." Sugar informed

"Oh ok."

"So tonight make sure when you send them my way that they have a second person with them. I'm training her."

"Ok will do Sugar." he winked at her and then She headed to a table.

"Alright so we try to get the guys to stay as long as we can. The longer they are here the more money the business gets."

"And how much do we get?" I asked

"It depends on how much you bring in. But My first night I got a lot. And it just keeps rolling in." She smiled

We didn't sit there long before two men showed up. They sat down and Sugar scooted closer to the guy and placed her hand on his arm.

"Hello there what are your names?" She said in a sexy cute voice.

"Sungki, and Yejun."

"Im Sugar and this is Baby. This is her first night."

"Oh a first timer." The guy next to me placed his hand on my thigh. I had a nervous smile placed on my face.

"Let's have some fun." He said and started moving his hand up.

"Ok drinks first." Sugar said and quickly poured them drinks. He took his hand off me to take his drink. I don't know if I can handle guys touching me like that. Sugar leaned close to me.

"To get out of those situations you can nicely slide their hand off of you and say let's get to know each other better, then give them a drink. The faster they get drunk the faster they end up out of here." I nodded ok, that's a simple way to get out of a problem.

For the next hour and a half we talked to the guys and they bought several drinks. Finally they left. Sugar walked me through several more things until the next set came in. One pair sat down and we started talking. This was easier than the first. I laughed at a joke the guy told and turned my head slightly. That's when I saw this guy sitting at the table next to us. He was alone. Obviously waiting for one of the girls. He looked at me and our eyes locked. The look in his eyes made my stomach do flips. I only looked away when Sugar tapped me. I quickly turned back to the guys at the table but i kept glancing at the guy next to us. I swear he kept staring at me. I don't know why but he made me want to learn faster so I could go off on my own.

When the shift ended I went back to the locker room and Tiff came at me.

"So how was the first night?"

"It was good."

"Hey Baby! There was a customer asking about you." Honey said walking up next to me.


"Yea he kept staring at you, and he asked me about you. I bet he wants you." She laughed

"Why?" i asked

"Just because when a guys asks about one of our girls he ends up as a regular."

"Oh." I was a little excited thinking it was the attractive man that was next to my table. I quickly changed then left for the night. When I got home i quickly crashed and wondered what tomorrow might bring to me.
Alright so who is the guy?

Shall we have a run in with him next chapter????

*Update I forgot to add the picture of the dress your wearing*

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I hope it's Suga lol. Btw in loving this story already 😊
sooooooo I see I am not alone in hoping it's Suga. but a part of me wants it to be ChimChim or Namjoon. and as much as I hate my UB in stories not about us, I would dig joonie in this one.
Love this already😆
i hope its Taehyung, only cause its not a situation you'd think of him being in
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