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I'm not going to say much, just getting to the story, it's a short little bit, but cute lol.

Yoongi’s view.

We had a plan. Well at least me and Keri did and Jin knew about what we were going to do.
“You know I’m not really going to drink tonight right” Keri said as we walked.
“Yes, and if anyone gives you some-”
“You’ll be my black knight and drink it for me” Keri smirked.
“Yes baby” I agreed.
“It worked in your favor that we left second, now you can camp out and scare Hobi” Keri said.
“Wouldn’t matter, I’m just going to set a fun trap to go with it now” I smiled at her.

When we got to the spot that the two trails crossed we waited.
It didn't take long to see the others coming. When hobi passed us I rustled the tree I stood close to. Hobi jumped and shrieked at the noise. Keri was muffling her laughter with a hand pressed to her mouth. She looked so cute. I nodded my head in Jimin’s direction as the group started walking again. She waited until Kooki and Mia were distracted talking to each other and went to grab Jimin.

“What's going on?” Jimin whispered, keri slapped a hand across his mouth keeping him silent.
When kooki and Mia were passed I looked over to Jimin.
“We're giving those two some privacy” I explained.
“That's what this is about!” Jimin sounded excited, but faulted “but my baby boy” he sounded devastated.
“Your baby boy is growing up” Keri said.

I ignored the two as I snuck up behind Mia and kooki. I hadn't realized how close two the top we were though because the trees cleared up and it was the top already.

“Yoongi!” Hobi yelled out spotting me making me wince.
Mia and Kookie turned around to look at me, Keri and Jimin were still on the trail and hadn’t popped up yet.
Dear in headlights moment.
“Did Keri get lost?” Mia asked worried.
“Did she get attacked? Was that who yelled?” Hobi ran over and instantly wrapped himself around me. I glared at the no one in particular since I couldn’t glare at hobi.
“Hey! We won!” Namjoon announced all of a sudden. “Not you two” He pointed to kooki and Mia “But the three of us did!” Namjoon cheered as he grabbed the bottle from Jin’s bag. I ignored them.

“Where is Keri? Did you see what got her?” Hobi shouted in my face.
“Hobi, I’m right here” Keri’s voice made both me and Hobi to turn. Keri was coming off the trail with Jimin next to her. The two of them were talking as they approached.
“What are you doing babe?” I asked pulling her to me.
“telling her that I want to find a girlfriend” Jimin said.
“As long as it's not my girl” I said as Keri curled her arm around my waist,
“I'm working on Kooki and Mia at the moment” Keri said.
“Oh? If they get together will you work on me next?” Jimin sounded eager about it.
“we'll see, one project couple at a time” I said looking over at the couple in question.
They were off on their own, Kookie was facing her and Mia seemed to be interested. Jimin made his way over to the couple and bumped into Kookie back pushing him into Mia. I laughed when Kookie rounded on Jimin and bared his teeth, but didn't do anything.

“Jimin I got a favor to ask you” I said looking at him.
“What?”Jimin said
“whenever you see those two close to each other, bump into them so they get closer” I told him.
Jimin looked over at the two and got an evil look on his face.
“Hey look the last two to arrive!” Keri said noticing Tae and Layla coming off the trail.
“Who got here first?” Layla called out.
“We did!” J hope announced.
“US three did!” Jin announced pointing at their little circle.
“Nice, let's get this started!” Layla sounded excited.
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