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Your fingers bounced across the keys typing several letters and numbers that corresponded to your work. The brightly lit computer screen shown onto your face in the dark work place as you worked tirelessly to try and finish this part of the project before you left for home.
Opening a web browser you opened up your music and began to listen to UBEAT’s songs mixed in with your UKISS playlist. You thought that the music would help keep you awake better than the tea that was sitting next to your keyboard. You moved along to the music as you sung the lyrics in your head. You had one last page of data to enter into the computer before you could leave the office and rest. A message flashed onto you phone’s screen as you pulled it from the confines of your purse. You pulled up the message and read it to yourself.

What do you say I meet you at your place and we go out? - E

You smiled at the small message that you received from your newly acquired boyfriend. You quickly typed back, with a disappointing message to deliver.

I would love to, but I am still at work

You set your phone in your lap as you looked back at your work. The music had faded to the background as you quickly worked to try and get this work done. A couple albums later you finally sent the data and the research that you had typed up to your manager. You looked at the time on the computer before you shut down the machine.

9:53 pm

You mentally kicked yourself as you looked at your phone to see if Eli had texted you back.
The computer flashed off before your eyes as you gathered your belongings and walked out of the glass doors, the lights shut off as you walked down the stairs to the lobby. You knew that you were one of the last ones in the building but you didn’t know that it would feel this empty and lonely. You walked down the last couple flights of stairs. You released your hair from the horrid bun that it had been cooped up in all day, pausing at one of the floor’s landings to remove the high heels that suffocated your feet. You carried your shoes in your hand and slowly walked down the metal stairs. Your bare feet walked across the cool lobby floor, your hands reached to the door as you pushed the revolving door around sliding into one of the spaces.

The cool night air bit your exposed legs as the prickly concrete tickled your feet. You closed your eyes and embraced the freedom of the weekend that was now in your grasp. The street lights lit up the parking lot as you gazed across at the black asphalt. You began to walk across the large parking lot as a single motorcycle catches your eye. You turn your head slowly stopping as you saw the man dismount the bike. He wasn’t far from you. You ran your hand through your hair as he removed his helmet. His blonde hair was a dead give a way. You smiled and walked over to him.

“Hello” He greeted you, leaning on his bike

“Hello” You moved your head to inspect his bike, “I don’t think that this is my place” You chuckled; he dropped his head to his chest revealing his angelic smile and his kind eyes that were soft and loving.

“I thought that I would save you a trip” He smiled moving away from his bike. He lifted his helmet from under his arm and pulled it over your head. “Perfect” He gently bent down and fastened the latch that secured the helmet to your head.

“Shall we?” He placed his hand on your back and you both walked to the black bike with the chrome that shined under the parking lot lights. He mounted the bike first and then helping you on behind him. He pulled another helmet from his saddle bags and pulled it over his blonde hair.

“Hold on” He said as he started the bike

“Hold on, where?” You asked as he turned and pushed your visor over your face

“To me” He held your hands and wrapped them around his plaid shirt. He leaned forward revving the engine of the bike, before pulling down his visor and pulling out of the parking lot slowly. Your head rested in between his shoulder blades. You gripped tightly to him as he began to gain speed.

The lights of the shops danced across the glossy helmets and bike as you two traveled down to town. You began to slow down once you entered the shopping streets. You released your grip slightly, looking around at all of the closed shops that lined the streets.

“I have a better idea” Eli turned to you as you ran your hands around his torso once again leaving a smile on both of your faces. He took off towards his apartment. He parked his bike near the building, dismounting first and then helping you off of the metal beast. You walked into the spacious building with Eli as your guide.

Eli lead you to the stairs where you had to climb ten or so floors in order to get to his apartment, you sighed heavily dreading stairs. Eli began to go up first as you dragged your feet behind.

“I have a better idea” Eli said as he walked behind you picking you up wedding style and carrying you to the floor of his apartment.

“Here we are” He placed you down on the floor as he reached to the lock on the door. He punched in the password before the acceptance sound came from the door, allowing you to enter. You walked into his darkened cave before he turned on some lights. It was plainly decorated, but it still had some color. Simple, clean and elegant, you quite liked his space. You admired his apartment as he pulled out some things from the freezer.

“Care to join me?” Eli asked as you looked over at him. You saw all of the ice cream and condiments that you could put onto your ice cream and your face lit up like a child’s. You trotted over to the counter and rested your chin in your hands.

“Your order, ________” Eli asked trying to sound professional. You ordered from him and he made you one and one for himself.

“Here make yourself at home, but first…” He disappeared into his room and then came out with some sweats and an old tank top in his hands, “Change into these, so you are more comfortable”

“Thank you” You set your ice cream down on to the counter and took the clothes from his hands, “Where can I change?”

“Right there is fine” He pointed to his room, where you thanked him once more before you closed the door. You looked around his room a bit; you noticed all of the family pictures that he had as well as some with the members all around the world. You smiled and quickly changed. You emerged out of his room where you were greeted with movies fanned out in his hands. You looked at each one carefully as you chose one biting you lip in concentration.

You set your clothes by the door; you walked through the kitchen to grab your ice cream and then met Eli over by his TV where he just put in the movie that you had chosen. You plopped down on the couch moving your feet under you as Eli turned off all of the lights and then came and sat by you on the couch.

About half way through the movie you both had finished your ice cream. You leaned on Eli’s shoulder as his arm rested around your shoulders. You started to become increasingly tired as the night wore on. Your head fell as you slightly fell asleep; you jerked your head back up and repositioned it on Eli’s shoulder. The movie soon ended and Eli turned on the lamp that was in his reach.

“I should probably go. I still have to get home” You said as you sat up from his shoulder.

“Stay longer, please. At least for one more movie” Eli pleaded looking at you with his chocolate eyes that made you cave.

“Ok, just for one more movie though” You reasoned with yourself

“I will go grab a blanket or two. I will be right back” Eli said as he ran down the hall to his bedroom. You leaned on the arm rest and curled yourself into a little ball. When Eli came back into the room you were fast asleep on the couch with your head leaning on the arm rest in your folded arms. Eli smiled and sat next to your sleeping figure as he placed a blanket over your exhausted body.

The song of birds gently woke you as the light came into the room through his large windows. You looked around slowly. You looked down to your lap where you felt this mass on you. You smiled as you noticed that Eli was laying on you. You brushed his hair out of his face as you traced his jawline with your finger. He gently stirred nuzzling into your lap more. He turned over and smiled at you as he rubbed his eyes like a small child.

“Good morning” His morning voice was deep and rusty, it was so comforting.

“Good morning Eli” You smiled at him as you combed his hair with your fingers, you two talked for the rest of the morning, laughing, telling jokes and complimenting each other. Both of you were glad that you had stayed longer.
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