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“Jagi do we really have to go trick or treating? It is kind of childish you know.” Eli flipped through the channels to see if there was any scary movies on Halloween night.

“We don’t have to, we could do something else.” You offered thinking of a perfect alternative.

“Sure, what do you have in mind sweetheart?” Eli turned off the TV as his arm hung over the back of the couch.

“Maybe we could go to a haunted house.” You leaned against the counter as Eli looked at you.

“Seriously?” Eli asked as he got up from the couch. “I don’t want you to get too scared.”

“I won’t!” You promised as you grabbed your coat and handed him his.

Eli and you walked down the street to one of the seasonal stores that was transformed into a
haunted house.

An angel greeted you before you went in as she led you into the hall where you were going to start and try to find your way out. He grasped your hand tightly as you smiled at his cuteness.

The desolate hallway reeked with stillness as the pounding of your feet on the dirt floor was the only sound that was heard. Eli stuck close to you as he tried to lead you through the house without showing fear.

Turning around a corner something jumped out as Eli wrapped his arms around you quickly and pushed you up against the wall. You opened your eyes as your head was firmly pressed against his chest with his hand on your head and his other arm was wrapped around your waist.

“E-Eli?” You asked as you hardly could breathe

“Ah sorry.” He released you from his grip as you investigated the area just to find it was a puff of air that caught the spiderwebs.

“It’s ok.” You slid your hand through his as you lead him through the rest of it. Several things jumped out at you and you barely flinched as Eli held your hand harder and harder the more you got into it. Chainsaws were heard as Eli wrapped his arms around your waist.

“We are about done, scared pigeon” You teased as he buried his head into your shoulder blades. He nodded as you held his hands around you as you laughed happily. “Eli look there is the end.” You pointed out as his head popped up. Unwrapping his arms from you, he grabbed your hand and ran towards the exit. Bidding goodbye to the angel that welcomed you, Eli ran with you all the way home, not stopping for anything.

Reaching your apartment, you both collapsed on the couch as you laughed at Eli for his childish behavior.

“Yah! You were the one that wanted to go to the haunted house.” Eli said as he tickled your sides. You laughed, squirming in his arms until you heard this creaking noise that sounded like somebody moaned.

“E-Eli?” You both stopped in your tracks as Soohyun emerged from the bedroom covered in makeup dressed like a mummy. You screamed and squirmed as Eli held you close.

“Don’t worry jagi, I will take care of you tonight.” Holding you close he wrapped a blanket around you, your head rested on his chest to try and drown out the scratching and the creaking of the house. His warm embrace with the haunted holiday behind you, falling asleep in his arms was the perfect recipe for your heart.