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The twins were running around the house, happily playing tag with one another as Eli was watching the kids for the afternoon.

“Have you kids chosen what you want to be for Halloween yet?” Eli called to the kids as they ran over and sat on either side of him.

“Daddy! I want to be the bird that your members and fans call you.” His four year old daughter, Audrey, said.

“A pigeon?” Eli questioned as she nodded and hugged him around his neck. “What about you Andy?”

“A pigeon too!” Andy, Audrey’s twin brother said. Eli hysterically laughed covering his face with his hands.

“You two want to be like me?” Eli finally got himself together.

“Daddy we love you, Mommy thought it was a good idea.” Audrey kissed his cheek as he wrapped his arm around her and Andy.

“Ah she did, did she?” Eli asked as Andy and Audrey knew that you were always Eli’s weak spot. “Well then, if you are going to be a pigeon you have to do the special pigeon dance.” He said putting a kid on each knee.

“How do we do that Daddy?” Audrey said as her brown eyes got wide.

“Can you teach us?” Andy asked as he tried to talk over Audrey.

“I can teach you, but you have to be extra good ok?” They both nodded as Eli shifted them  into his arms as he walked to the kitchen. Setting them on the counter as he poured Cheerios into three small plates. Placing the plates in front of Audrey, Andy and himself.

“So first we have to work on the eyes. Raise your eye brows and close your eyes like you are trying to see in the dark.” He watched both of the kids as they tried their best the way that they had seen their dad do. “Both of you are perfect, now do like Bugs Bunny with your mouth, and like you are sucking on something sour.” He watched both of their faces turned into his little pigeons. With pride painted all over his face he rubbed their heads and kissed them gently. “Perfect, now we have to work on eating like one, for the final transformation.” Eli showed them how to pick up a single Cheerio with his lips as he ate it with ease.

“Daddy did you do the pigeon on mommy?” Andy asked as he rubbed Eli’s head.

“That is how we met!” Eli said as he blushed and smiled, “Yah, now it is your turn. Enough of me and mommy.” Pulling back Audrey’s hair into a ponytail he put the plates in front of them as they put their hands on their hips, getting their faces into pigeon mode they knelt down and put their heads onto the plate lifting one Cheerio for the both of them.

“Daddy look! I did it.” Audrey called as she jumped up and down on the counter top.

“Me too! Me too. I can do it too!” Andy smiled as Eli wrapped his arms around both of them.

“What do we do now Daddy?” Andy asked wrapping his arms around Eli’s neck.

“We will learn how to fly.” Eli said as he held each kid in each arm as they held out their arms as Eli ran around the living room. The sound of the door clicked open as they all froze and got their pigeon faces on.

“Surprise!” Your three favorite people called as you dropped the bags and laughed with your hands over your mouth.

“Omo! How is my little family?” You knelt down as Eli released the kids and ran into your arms.

“Mommy! Daddy taught us how to do our costumes!” Andy called as Audrey kissed your cheek.

“Maybe we can all be pigeons for Halloween.” You said as they kids got super excited and flew off to their room.

“Hello Jagiya.” Eli giggled as you both watched your little twins run to their bedroom.

“Hello Eli.” You hugged him tightly as he hugged you back.

“Are we really going to be pigeon’s for Halloween?” Eli asked as he kissed your head.

“I thought so, since we are already a family of pigeons.” You looked up at him gently as you two kissed gently before the twins grabbed onto your legs, asking you to help them fly.

Holding Andy on your shoulders and Audrey’s on Eli’s. All of you chased each other around the room, giggling and calling each other through your pigeon calls. Before your two little pigeons fell asleep in your arms and you snuggled into Eli’s, under his watchful care and safe wing.